Lunawolf Album Release

Lunawolf Album Release

From Guzman Guzman

Hey Everyone! We are Lunawolf. A music project created by Emilio Guzman and Chan Schulman. For those of you who may not know us:

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Emilio Guzman is: The former drummer for Authority Zero as well as a music producer, songwriter, DJ and Multi-instrumetalist, living in CA. Chan Schulman is: A singer and well known songwriter for Dead Eyes of London, Redfield and Harper and The Moths from Phoenix AZ.  Lunawolf was created out of a love and obsession with rock and electronic music.  It all started when Chan, a guitarist since a young child, feeling a little bored with 6 strings and pick, got his hands on a synthesizer.  "It felt like a whole world opened up, I loved twisting all the knobs, getting all OCD about tones".  Within a few hours he had the basics for the track "Invisible".  Having never written an electronic based song before, and knowing that it definitely wouldn't fit in any of his guitar based projects, he randomly decided to email it over to Jim. Chan didn't expect to hear much of anything back, but within a few hours Jim had transformed the track into something awesome.  "Over the next 8 months we passed ideas back and forth and we ended up with this hybird record of electronic rock n' roll that we're extremely proud of."  "The fun thing about being a musician is you can write and create all night long, you live in this amazing world of creativity, where you feel alive-where problems don't exist.  But, come morning there always seems to be a roadblock that stops you dead in your tracks.  Sadly, that roadblock can't be solved by tweaking a chord progression or adjusting a mic. It always comes down funds, something most musicians don't have laying around. While people don't buy as much music these days, It still costs a lot to put it out if you want it to sound professional. Being that we're both musicians an extra $2000 in our lives isn't the easiest thing to come up with. But $1, $5, $10, dare we say $20 here and there from our friends and family chipping in what they can, might just move that roadblock to the side.  We feel this project deserves a professional mix and that's where we'd love to have the help."  Buy helping, our record becomes our record, Producued, recorded, performed AND release by us, allowing everyone who donates to get a copy Free of charge no matter what the donation ammount.We are truly gratefull for any and all help we recieve no matter what the donation ammount.

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