Lucia Light No03

Lucia Light No03

From Claudia Moriel

I am fundraising to purchase the Lucia Light No03. I am passionate about bringing this technology to the world with innovative workshops, beauty treatments, yoga and meditation. Please view this page on a desktop.

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Lucia Light No03

I discovered the Lucia Light No03 through a winding labyrinth of retreats, soul searching and synchronicities.  My adventures began at my fourth Advanced Workshop conducted by Dr. Joe Dispenza in Vancouver.  At the end, my bright and bubbly friend let me know one of the members attending the workshop had invited a group of people to her art gallery.  This sounded like the perfect adventure.  This is when my obsession with the Lucia Light No03 began.  

At her studio, I was introduced to the Light! A machine--a technical machine—blasted me into a state of beauty and love.  I experienced the most dazzling fractal patterns in front of my closed eyes! I was smitten with the experience.

I went FULL SEND during my longer session a few days later in which the Lucia Light No03 was set on HIGH.  After the experience, I cried because I was present to Divine Love. 

I wanted everyone to know how deeply Divine Love surrounds them. 

Have you wanted to experience Divine Love surrounding you? Did you believe or has someone told you Entheogenic Plant Medicines-- Ayahuasca or Iboga--could give you that experience?   Are you nervous about ingesting a substance or having a difficult journey? I definitely was!  However, after reading Michael Pollen’s book ‘How to Change Your Mind’, I became curious about how plant medicines, including psychedelics, could assist my spiritual growth.  That’s when I discovered the symbiosis between experiences with plant medicines and the Lucia Light!  

The Lucia Light No03 was the perfect first step! How can a machine recreate a psychedelic experience and help people heal!? Let me explain! 

The Lucia Light No03 is a hypnogogic light machine

Hypnagogia, the state between wakefulness and sleep, alters the perception of light. Neurologist Dirk W. Proeckl and psychologist Engelburt Winkler from Austria created a way to combine a steady light and 8 stroboscopic lights that vary in speed and intensity. This combination will help you experience extraordinary visions of color and form created by your brain.  

The stimulation from the Lucia Light No03 alters the person’s brain waves into theta state, lowering them to the same level individuals achieve after decades of meditation practice.

The Lucia Light No03 stimulates the Pineal Gland and induces a state of transcendental, relaxed experience. While you will not experience this theta state permanently, after the session ends, you feel deep relaxation and creativity. When you are in these elevated states of being, you can manifest your dreams and desires.  Claudia combines manifestation tools--the Mind Movie with the Lucia Light--to infuse your consciousness so you can make your dreams and desires a reality. 

My experiences with the Lucia Light No03, psychedelics and entheogenic plant medicines called me to use the Lucia Light and combine other unconventional modalities to serve humanity.  For those who do not choose to experience plant medicine, there is an alternative. 

Thank you for your support in bringing this healing modality to the world.  

The Lite Guide - Claudia Moriel 

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