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Lucas's birthday is coming up! As you all already know about him, he is the most genuine kind-hearted soul on this planet. He deserves something great for his birthday! If you don't know, he injured his ankle last summer and has struggled to recover fully from it. He loves skiing more than anything, and wasn't able to get up there this year. It's too painful for him. BUT, when he's ridden bikes, it hasn't hurt him! He needs an outlet and has talked about getting a bike (more specifically an e-bike) to help him gain strength to recover and to get out and exercise! I would love to just buy him a bike, but I haven't won the lottery yet... so that's where I bring in you guys! If everyone chips in just a little bit, maybe we could raise enough to help him get that bike! I also know it will mean a lot to have his friends go in on it together! I know times are hard right now and not everyone will be able to donate. That's ok! Please don't feel bad if you can't! But if you're able and willing to even give a little, I know he will be so appreciative!

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