Low Consumption of Deuterium Water for Breast Cancer

Low Consumption of Deuterium Water for Breast Cancer

From Taufik Hidayat

The consumption of water low in deuterium can have positive effects in patients in treatment of breast cancer.

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The Hungarian scientist Gabor Somlyay announced this on October 21, during a brief visit to Panama to present to specialists and patients the conference "The Science of Water", within the framework of the celebration of the month of the prevention of this type of cancer.

In the 1990s, this molecular biologist investigated the effects of deuterium depleted water (heavy hydrogen) depletion and found that the decrease in deuterium can cause important changes in living organisms. Research has shown that consumption of low-deuterium water (DDW) as supplemental cancer therapy has effects on cell growth and tumor development.

Specifically in cases of breast cancer, some of these effects are a 50 to 22% decrease in the relapse rate and a doubling of the survival time when there is metastasis.

Likewise, it has been shown to have effects on prostate cancer by increasing the survival rate, reducing the volume of the prostate and urinary problems.

Supplemental low deuterium depleted water therapy is currently used in more than 60 types of cancer.


Deuterium, whose image is 2H, is a steady isotope of hydrogen that is found in plenitude in nature and, thusly, is a characteristic segment of water.

The component was distinguished by Harold Clayton Urey, a physicist at Columbia University who,in 1934, got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work.

In all waters, these particles are found, including deuterium. The differentiation among hydrogen and deuterium is that the first of the parts isolates even more rapidly, while deuterium is heavier and its center levels vacillate dependent upon where we are where we eat up the water or where it begins.

Deuterium depleted water levels differ corresponding to the degree of the seas and the equator. Somlyay brings up that the deuterium level overall is 155.7 ppm (parts per million); However, "on the off chance that the water is downpour, when you are in the mountains its level is somewhat less, just as when you are a long way from the Equator; as it were, towards the shafts ".

The concentration of deuterium in water is 6 and 10 times higher than that of calcium and magnesium in the blood. Reason that motivated the investigation of the effects that this element has on living organisms

The company distributes low-deuterium water in Panama under the name a registered trademark composed of low-deuterium water and mineral water from the Hungarian Buk Mountains. The water is aerated to maintain conservation for a year. The deuterium depleted water level is controlled by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Taylor & Fisher Corp is also the exclusive distributor of products, low deuterium waters, the latter is the first low deuterium antitumor drug in the world, without side effects, easy to administer and highly efficient for your pet domestic.

The deuterium depleted water concentration of natural waters in the geographical position of Panama varies from 145 to 155 ppm (parts per million). To lower the deuterium level, has 125 to 25 ppm of deuterium.

To maximize the effects of this product, the water consumed daily should be replaced by

Taylor & Fisher chooses Panama as the spearhead to introduce, for the first time in Latin America, low deuterium waters, thus allowing Panamanian society to be the first to benefit from the most innovative supplementary tumor treatments without side effects.

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