Loving Father Fighting for Justice

Loving Father Fighting for Justice

From Kyle Norton

My name is Kyle and I am a victim of Narcissistic Abuse. I finally escaped the numerous affairs and gaslighting, only to lose custody of my children. My boys are now in a very unhealthy situation and I need them safe!

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I will start by saying this is a very humbling experience having to ask for help but I am tapped out, exhausted, and the stress is starting to really take a toll on me.  I am a proud and loving father of 2 boys. Ages 4-1/2 & 6.  I spent 10 years of my life with their mother who over the years completely destroyed who I was as a man, father, and Husband.  We had gone thru 3 different divorces together after her multiple affairs but I always had this image of giving my boys the family I never had.  Each time we separated she had moved my boys in with her "mister". Three separate occasions she filed for divorce after "her" affair, moved my children in with the man.... then approximately 6 months later each time I would get the "I want to come home" text. Each time I fell for the trap, not knowing this is Called Hoovering, a term for part of the Narcissistic Abuse Cycle.  Fast forward until today, we have been divorced and separated for 9 months now, she moved my poor boys in with her new supply less than 2 weeks after she left our home. I found out he has a history of sever alcoholism and abuse. She has held my children from me for 3 months, completely alienated me from my children, moved them 228 miles away from our home and all they want is to be back home with their father.  The youtube video I posted tells the truth. Since day one I have been 2000% behind my childrens every moment. I am currently paying her $1800/Month in child support so she can buy Louis Vuitton bags while my boys have holes in their socks.  It is so very difficult for even the most loving and supportive fathers to have equal rights but I know I need to fight with all I have for my children.  I am beyond tapped out financially. She cleared our bank account and has left me with absolutely nothing. I have a good job but just cant get my head above water let alone hire an Attorney.  I have spend over 120 hours preparing my custody case but have zero to spare for even a retainer.  I appreciate anyone this comes by that would help out. Thank you for your time.

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