Lottery strategies: Things to know

Lottery strategies: Things to know

From Mathew Philip

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Winning playing lotteries is not something that happens every day. The chances of you winning a lottery once are one in a million. With such a probability, do you still feel like playing a lottery is the right thing to do? If you answered yes, good, now, let us try to find a strategy to improve your odds of winning. You need to start by realizing that winning a lottery is not simple and despite all the methods you may apply, you may still not win.

There are a few strategies of winning lotteries, which are based on logic and mathematics and are commonly referred to as reality-based systems. People who support these strategies understand that lotteries can involve a lot of very huge numbers and the possibility of making the wrong choice is very huge. Thus, they often avoid games that have larger probabilities with even larger payoffs. Let us take a look at some of the strategies you can apply to improve your chances of winning lotteries.


Tracking is a very popular reality-based system or strategy that is sometimes called frequency analysis. Like the name suggests, this method involves keeping track of all the methods that are drawn over a given period of time. This method is similar to handicapping in racehorse. In handicapping, a player has to keep track of the previous performances of a horse to determine their chances of winning in the next race.

As you track, you will realize that there are certain numbers that appear more commonly than others. These numbers are called hot numbers. There are players who play hot numbers exclusively because they imagine that since they were drawn severally in the past, they will also be drawn in future. The number of expert opinions on this method are so many that I will not try to get into them.


Have you ever bought lottery tickets and discovered that they are all right, but then they all belong to different plays? According to expert experience, you can lock in all your favorite number and end up improving your odds of winning significantly. Wheeling isn’t a sister that you can use to select numbers. However, it is a strategy that helps you to use the numbers you have. When you are applying wheeling, you make a master list of your favorite numbers and then play then in a sort of combination so that you end up picking the right lottery number. When your master list has certain numbers even if you don’t get all the right numbers to win the lottery, you can still a certain prize for picking a few right numbers.


When it comes to playing lotteries, pooling your money means that you join your money with other players by joining a lottery club. Pooling increases your chances of winning significantly and also increases the amount of money you can bet too. The may shortcoming with this strategy is that all winnings obtained have to be split among all players who contributed to the pool. You can pool your money with several other players to play the HANOI LOTTERY CHECK (ตรวจ หวยฮานอย).

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