Lost my smile I don’t want to lose my life

Lost my smile I don’t want to lose my life

From Chapman Dylan

My teeth kept getting damaged and rapidly deteriorated.I now have a bad infection. I can’t afford insurance and need them removed. It’s already showing signs of the infection spreading and I’m afraid.

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I’m 24 years old and need most if not all my teeth removed by surgical extraction. It’s not from drug use, but from lack of proper care and having many break at the gum line.I’m desperate and don’t know what to do. I help provide for my 61 year old mother so I don’t have extra income. When my mother sees me in pain she offers to help even though she can’t and then I have to see tears run down her face.I don’t want to see the heartache on her face because she’s the one who raised me by herself and had to sacrifice the life she used to have.since COVID happened she lost the little work she had so all my paychecks are going towards bills. I’ve had to run through my savings, and each paycheck barley gets me by till the next.I gave up any form of luxury now just work, sleep, and eat six days a week. I’ve hit a 20 foot wall and it feels like a firing squad is behind me.

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