Lost it all now homeless

Lost it all now homeless

From Devontë Johnson

Hi, I am Devonte Jonson, To make my story long and short, I was in a emotional abusive relationship from 2015-2020, 2020 is when U decided to leave, After that I ended up in a abusive housing situation.More details below

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Hi, I am Devonte Johnson and I am a 25 year old artist. I was in a emotional abusive relationship from 2015 to 2019. January 2020 was the year I decided to gain enough strength to leave the abusive relationship with the help of a really good Facebook group support system. So then my life shattered and fell down the hill.....It all started after I ended up in a very abusive situation living with my flat mates right after leaving the relationship, I didn’t have much money so I didn’t really have a choice to leave, But I had no other choice but to leave because it was very tormenting. I contacted many help from the government about the situation but no once seem to not be able to help me, So out of fear I ended up booking a ticket back to America. I advise my landlord of the situation and they were happy for me to leave and return back my deposit and month worth of rent. As I made it back to America I could not what so ever get in touch with my landlord regarding my rent and deposit refund (As that was my only means of money that I had to restart my life) So I slept outside and in airports for a week, Asking for help from many people but no one could help me out. I ended up booking a flight to get to Colorado hoping I will get some hope, Homeless shelters was closed and still no one could help me out. I ended up getting stranded in Orlando Florida on the way to Colorado, I had to sleep on outdoors and walk across from state to state with no help from no one after asking multiple times, During the process I ended up going to Jail for a Tresspass charge (Which was still unlawful because I was very sleep deprived at the time) And I didn’t actually tresspass, I ended up walking into a home and walking out of the home. The state put the charges as burglary as well despite me having to serve 3 months in jail while being held in a Psychward, With no history of having any mental problems. I was tossed around from multiple cells and held in many single cells under very scary conditions that really traumatised me despite it only being a Tress-pass charge. I never went to court for it, I was held with no bond or anything, I couldn’t even get transferred to a correct facility for the crime I committed, But instead I was tortured in a 1 Man cell with no sunlight behind a metal door with no human contact. But anyhow, I got out and was really grateful to be out. After I got out, I was still back at ground 0, No money to get a home and no one could help me get out of the horrible situation that I was placed in. But somehow a friend of mine gave me a bit of cash to book a flight back to the UK (September 7 2020) I decided to take a flight back to the uk because I had a bit more tools to work with with the help of the government and I had a job I could work (Uber eats) After a couple of months of suffering and painfully hurting I finally managed to get a house (February 1 2021) And I wasn’t able to pay rent anymore due to my government payments being randomly stopped claiming that I am not eligible for benefits anymore, So I had to move out of that house May the 1 it left me in a life long painful position of being homeless, And here I am here now, Homeless tired and exhausted from walking from city to city with not a human to help me out. And Im not in a position to get a job or even get to a homeless shelter and I really need someone help. I’m asking for any of you to donate for me as I am desperate and homeless with no hope of getting back into the real world again, With no house, Money or food and  again as I don’t have any friends or family to contact. I don’t have anyone but I am staying as strong as I can. If you could help me out I would be very very grateful, Thank you very much and thank you for taking time to read my story. 

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Thank you very very much!

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