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When I was younger, I made the mistake of going to a private college 2 times for 2 different degrees, during this process life changed the outcome, my first attempt me and my wife were struggling in our 20’s to live, she was pregnant, had a seasonal job and back issues, I was more or less forced to stop going to college to help pay for our living and help take care of our kids, after a lengthy back surgery time period ( recovery and costs), we thought we were in shape to try college again at that time I was working for a construction company building houses and taking online classes and were expecting our second child.

After a second attempt at trying to get a degree ( was actually 2-3 classes away from getting my degree in computer science) bad luck hit me, I was injured at work with a back injury forcing me out of that line of work and was again in a place where I couldn’t afford to pay for college, time went on, it was later found I had carpal tunnel issues and nerve damage in my elbows, 6 surgeries later I’m still struggling to pay my student loans back, me and my wife live with an in law and are looking for any help, our goal is to once own a house but the $600+ a month loan payment make that impossible, my loans can’t be refinanced again. ( see image) . 

For me, I lost my job about 6 years ago as related to the multiple surgeries, used up all my savings to survive while waiting for social security disability benefits, 2 years later I started getting caught up with all my other bills with the exception of my student loan which is the only thing holding us back from getting a small house together, I’m 50+ years old, a few medical issues and just trying to make a difference in my wife and kids lives, you may ask how can I afford a house if I can’t afford to pay loans, it’s more of the combination of everything, our funds can afford to pay loans or a house not both, we currently have a very small amount of money saved but that is all , the house we are trying to get is the one we currently live in with an in law and are trying to keep the house in the family.

Thank you for your consideration and potential assistance.

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