Long Life Dream of Becoming a Millionaire

Long Life Dream of Becoming a Millionaire

From Thomas Mosses

This has been my utmost dream in life, just that and fulfilling it will honestly be my greatest accomplishment. Thank you for reading, sharing and donating. Blesses.

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My story is kind of funny really.  In 2011 I finished high school and I stayed home for quite some time while waiting for my results. Since I didn't want to just stay idle at home, I started hunting for a temporary unprofessional job to pass time.I tried applying at several places including manufacturing industries, children schools and at people's houses. I finally found one at this Mosquito-net manufacturing industry and started working. I worked as a machine operator. My job was making sure the machine was doing its job for the better part of the day. It was 10 hours job every day. The pay was less than $100 a month. I know what that sounds but in 3rd world countries, it's no surprise at all, especially for a temporary unskilled job. I did there for some time until one day I received an email from a person called Linda Aliyu. This Linda claimed to be a girl of middle age in a civil conflict-torn country of Ivory Coast. She claimed that both her parents were brutally murdered during one of the many physical violence battles and that they left her alone with a lot of money that she doesn't trust no one with. Claimed amount was USD 7,300,000. (Seven Million and Three Hundred Thousand Dollars)She contacted me to ask if I can be of help getting her out of her country safely with her money so that she can come to my country (Tanzania) and start a new life with me by her side. Of course, as a normal human being I am I said why not. And I even started imagining my new life with all that money by my disposal. I was overjoyed and over the moon with happiness. I couldn't believe what just happened for me. She then told me to send my bank account details so she could transfer the money first before she processes her permanent migration. I did not have bank account at the time so I asked my mother if I could use hers. My mother had 2 bank accounts and one of them she didn't use often so it didn't have anything in it, she told me I could use that one. I sent the details to Linda and to my surprise I never heard anything since then. I sent her many emails to remind her but never got an answer. I was honestly devastated and heartbroken when I realized it was just a scam. It was my first time to see and being trapped in one. I believed she was genuine person looking for a safe haven. That scenario stayed in my mind for very long time until one day I told myself I will do whatever it takes to make that money ($7,300,000). Here I am almost 10 years later and I still think of the money and how I would use it to benefit my community. I genuinely believe this dream can still happen with your support. The following is what I planned to use money for:1. Build a travel and transport company and help youth overcome high rates unemployment.  2. Create a manufacturing industry to curb the very same problem. Unemployment3. To build a old people center. This is very important to me. My grandparents suffer a lot, and I want to help them and other old aged people who don't have pensions and other retirement benefits. 4. Travel the world and see what is it like on the other side5. Build my mother her dream houseThis has been my utmost dream in life, just that and fulfilling it will honestly be my greatest accomplishment.Thank you for reading, sharing and donating.Blesses.

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