London Transportation Guide

London Transportation Guide

From Nouman Ahmed

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London is a mega-city with 607 square miles. Although it is massive, the city has some easy and convenient transportation systems. The city is well connected with the underground (Tube), overground, river buses, tram, taxi, and there are some private transportation services.

Here we will talk about the London travel guide that you will need after landing in London. You will get to know the major transportation system and our recommendation that will save you time and money.

The London Underground (Tube)

The London underground is known as the tube to the locals. This is the world's oldest underground rail system. It has approximately 270 stations. You are going to be served 24-hours on the Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern, and Piccadilly lines. The payment system is an Oyster card and must remember one thing that they don't accept cash.

The London Overground

London Overground is the same as London underground, except it runs above the ground. And a lot of undergrounds also run over the ground. So don't be confused about it. The price range also the same as both follow the same zone-based rules. You can use an Oyster card or contact less payment system. Both of their logos are very similar, except the circle is orange for the overground.


London has its iconic double-deck buses. It is easy and convenient as well as it is a cheap way to travel around London city. You will get a chance to see plenty of sightseeing opportunities. You should sit on the top deck to see a lot of things.

River Boat

London has a big old river running through the city. So you will get a chance to roam with a wonderful riverboat. 6 routes are running from 22 piers, beginning to the west of the city in Putney and it will go as far as Woolwich in the east. You will have a funny, scenic way to travel through the city.

If you are not in a hurry, the riverboat will give you a great adventurous memory. And thing you should remember that they don't accept cash as payment. You can use an Oyster card or contactless.

London Minicab Airport Transfers

We will now talk about the fast To and From airport transfer service. Gatwick Airport Transfer Services is a reputed and cost-effective transport service. Their highly trained and professional drivers are here to make your London trip memorable. They will be available for you to minimize your precious time.

Gatwick is like a London transportation guide you are looking for. The customer service is always available to ask via live chat, contact us page, or email.


So which one is best to get around in London? It depends. It depends on urgency. If you just land in London, you might need to go to your hotel room or attend a business meeting. In that case, you should take the Gatwick minicab airport transfer service. They are fast, cheap, and professional too. By the way, if you want to just roam around the city you may take any public transport, especially a bus or tram.

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