Locating gmail spam folder

Locating gmail spam folder

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The gmail spam folder is one of the features provided by gmail or google to its customers. The main purpose of the gmail spam folder is to send all the junk emails to a designated area so they don't mess up the inbox.

All the emails which are classified as “spam” go in the gmail spam folder.

Therefore, anything that Gmail determines as spam goes to the gmail spam folder.

How to locate the gmail spam folder on the desktop?

·         To locate the gmail spam folder, open Gmail in any browser of your preference.

·         In the left section, the upper part, one can see the "more" option. Click on "more" After clicking, a lot of folders may display. Scroll down for a bit till a folder named "spam" is visible.

·         Click on the "spam" folder, it would be labeled with a small exclamation mark.

·         Spam emails will appear here in the gmail spam folder.

How to locate the gmail spam folder on a mobile phone?

·         To search for the gmail spam folder on a mobile phone, open the Gmail app on your mobile device.

·         Click on the three bars present in the upper-right corner of the screen. Now, this will open up the main menu for the gmail account.

·         Scroll down till the "spam" option is visible.

·         Click on the "spam" to open the gmail spam folder.

What if one is not able to see their gmail spam folder?

If an individual is not able to locate their gmail spam folder, no need to worry!

·         To make the gmail spam folder visible in the main menu, go to settings by click on the gear-like icon on the screen.

·         After clicking, the settings page will open, navigate to the “Labels” option.

·         After going through the labels options, search for the option "Spam"

·         After finding "Spam", Click on the "show" link. The gmail spam folder will be visible after this.

The above-mentioned steps are similar for opening the gmail spam folder in the desktop application and a mobile application.

Reviewing the gmail spam folder:

Every day one should check their gmail spam folder. This is a good practice as checking the gmail spam folder daily, ascertains that no legit email is left out that landed in the gmail spam folder by mistake.

If every in the gmail spam folder is actually spam, one can leave it alone as Gmail deletes all the emails in the gmail spam folder after 30 days.

Or, if the individual wants to delete a particular email immediately or manually, select the email and click on "delete forever." Doing this will removes the email forever, be sure to check if the email is actually spam.

What if the email in the gmail spam folder is important?

After checking the gmail spam folder, an individual find an email that is not spam or an important one, they can revert the email from the gmail spam folder to the inbox.

The individual can open the email. Once inside, they can see a brownish box with "Report not a spam" written. Click on the link, after clicking, the email will be placed back in the inbox.

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