Living with Nature & Off Grid

Living with Nature & Off Grid

From Christian Jean

A campaign to "accelerate" a plan which was set in motion many, many years back. Purchase a piece of timber land, build a log cabin and teach my kids to farm, fish, hunt and enjoy nature (forget about their phones).

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This is not a campaign of desperation, health crisis or anything bad or negative. Contrary to most, this is a campaign to "accelerate" a plan which was set in motion many, many years back. I strongly encourage anyone to donate to an urgent cause in priority to this one. But should you have a little bit of money remaining, then it would be greatly appreciated.


Since the birth of my first son, I've always wanted to buy a large piece of (lumber/agricultural) land and build a small log home with my family (wife and now 7 kids). I would like to do it all, together -- a lot of sweat, probably a few cuts and bruises but most importantly, a whole lot of work and fun.

We want to teach our kids (2 girls and 5 boys) what it is like to live "off grid", and help them learn how to grow a garden, mange a greenhouse, how to raise chickens and hunt for food. I want them to forget their addiction to electronics and screens (TV, iPad, mobiles, and computers) and get them to run through the woods.


I've realized that by the time I would have the money to make our dream a reality, most of my kids would probably be off to college. Not good at all. This needs to happen now, while they are young, healthy and growing.

Iv'e tried to get personal loans -- but the system is somewhat against us. You need to have 20% (and up to 50%) of the cash in order to borrow to buy a timber land. Most banks don't see it as viable collateral so they are not interested.

We need to do this now, while we are still strong and healthy and our kids are still growing up (two are toddlers ... our youngest is 1+ year old and the second youngest is 2+ years old).


Both my wife and myself are still working professionals. I'm a Director in a start-up software company creating cutting edge products with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Maria is a health professional taking care of the elderly with special needs. We have no intention of scaling back our work.

But in order to help increase our revenues, we would like to add the following ventures to hopefully increase the yearly revenues:

1. Produce firewood and sell it to local communities (only a small amount, and for every dead or dieing tree used for this purpose, 2+ new ones will be planted).

2. Create several year-round camping locations which could be rented out.

3. Rent out ice fishing cabins, tools and accessories.

4. Rent out boats or canoes for a fishing experience for a day.

5. Create a YouTube channel (or similar platform) and record the day-to-day for the next few years -- from purchase of the land, to building a log cabin, raising small animals, trapping and hunting and all of the challenges involved with living off grid, etc. This would allow anyone to get to know us in a small way and live the adventure with us.

We are very hopeful and optimistic that we will need to hire additional people to help us reach all of these objectives and milestones. This would help the local economies and be beneficial to them.


I realize that this is not a loan. And we are definitely out for charity. We therefore pledge to repay back every single penny raised from this campaign, plus 15%.

This can be in the form of charitable donations, or simply give (free of charge) firewood to families, provide (free of charge) camping locations to parents with small families, fund future projects and campaigns on multiple crowdfunding platforms. These are just some of the many, many ways we could "pay it forward" in the years to come.

But I think one thing for sure is that the money would allow to change the lives of seven young children by allowing them to discover what life can be like living with nature.


For anyone that donates, they will be entitled to rewards that will be set up. Although we don't have any rewards set up yet, it could be things like free stay at a campsite or a free day of fishing or ice fishing. Anything is possible and we'll definitely be listening to your comments and feedback on what you would like.

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