Liposuction basics

Liposuction basics

From Mudassar Hussain

If you aim to reduce your body fat, it means you might have to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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If you aim to reduce your body fat, it means you might have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, some people are unable to do so. They can’t let go of unhealthy eating habits or laziness, due to which exercise might sound like a tough thing. This tends to create undesirable deposits of fat in specific parts of their bodies. These might include thighs, stomach, upper arm, or the neckline. You would obviously wish to reduce the overall fat.

Due to being overweight, problems like Lymphedema, Lipodystrophy, or Gynecomastia might occur. Extreme losing of weight might lead to immune system issues and wound healing might become difficult.

However, in the case of liposuction, you need to know the basics before making the choice. For a liposuction Thailand option, you would still have to do your research and search for the best and highly recommended places first.

What exactly is liposuction?

 Liposuction is a surgical procedure that helps remove any exercise fat or the fat that tends to be diet resistant. It might be a way that helps enhance the aesthetic appeal of the body. 

It requires using a thin tube cannula which is inserted within the incisions that are made. First, the anesthesia is administered.

The unwanted fat is sucked out during that and later on a syringe is attached to the cannula. Later important processes are undergone, which have good results and quick results.

Different types of liposuction

The procedures of liposuction tend to vary due to many factors. The patient's preference might count, as well as the amount and the type of fat that wants to be removed. The surgeon's opinion might also count in this case. However, there are six procedures that are used. 

·        Laser-assisted liposuction

There is a highly concentrated laser beam that is used, and its flash is the main thing that helps break down the tissue and melts away the extra fat. This technique will help with the loss of bleeding as well as bruising and inflammation of the patient.

·        Power-assisted liposuction

a cannula is used for the operation. This operation is mechanical, and there are small incisions made, through which the fat is extracted quickly. This is a short surgical procedure.

·        Suction assisted liposuction

This is a procedure that is classical, and the fat is extracted using a cannula. The cannula is attached to a pressurized vacuum.

·        Ultrasonic assisted liposuction

This procedure includes the use of lasers as well as suctions. The fat is exposed to the ultrasound and the cells are raptured through it. This makes it easier for the surgeon to extract the fat.

·        Tumescent liposuction

A fluid name tumescent is used to produce swelling and firmness. This fluid is injected into the fatty tissue then. The surgeon uses the cannula to extract the fat and the blood vessels.

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