Lights Out

Lights Out

From Daniel Kotlik

Do you think surviving a Zombie apocalypse once was anything but a piece of cake?

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Lights Out is our first AAA game project with the idea of mixing regular PC, console, and VR gaming. Our main goal is to create the ultimate adventure, action, thriller game which caters a night long single player story mode with the capability of co-ops, multiplayer journeys. Walk through breathtaking environments, fight all kinds of enemy from zombies to soldiers, and do all this platform independently with HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PSVR, PC, Linux, MacBook, PS4, XBOX One. Let the hunt begin...

Meet Jack

Jack was an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life with his family in a small town called Seward, simple job, simple hobbies, happy well-balanced life. Even though he graduated summa cum laude, top of his class from biochemical engineering, he was never a careerist, a talent like him could have made huge discoveries, innovation, he could have been a rock star scientist, but he never wanted that. Just enjoy life, keep all stress on minimum, love his family and grow old.

But one horrible day, all his visions, all his dreams were crushed like a hammer crashes a vase, everybody lost their humanity, became some sort of ugly monsters...

No one really knew what happened that day... or who patient zero was, but since then 3 years have gone by, 3 years since Jack had to leave behind everything.

Surviving without his family, not knowing if they are still alive alone, or even worse turned to something indescribable, all those thoughts hunt him every day and every night, even for a blink of an eye... 3 years is a long time with all these questions in his heart. Always questioning himself, if he could have done more to save his loved ones, it must feel like torcher.

3 years ago, "initiation day" as we know it nowadays, Jack was busy as usual working alone in his private lab, trying to analyze remaining of thousand years old animals of some species he believed could result in a cure of diseases like Alzheimer. He was no older than 40, but really old-school guy, he only used the technology necessary for his research, but mainly he loved to store all his findings, ideas in his small notebooks. It never really occurred to him until after "initiation day", that a life without electricity, which definitely means no technology, may come one day, and all those old-school kind of habits are about to be handy again.

There was a huge light out that day long after the sun had gone down, sure, light outs were usual at that part of town, old electricity wires, rats... no more ingredient needed, but this was different, the whole town has gone black. Jack, as the always-the-calm guy kept his cool, walked out on the street to check if anyone had electricity. His lab was right on the top of a small mountain just in the middle of the city, so as he walked out, and it was instantaneously clear for him, this was something else.

"Maybe a power-grid failure? Or some sort of attack?" - he was not sure, but as he looked closely down the streets, he, the-always-cool guy become so frightened, his legs froze for a couple of seconds. Large groups of people were running the same direction on nearly every street, and it was not clear why.

At that moment, Jack realized, this time of the day, his family must be home... he should be home, protecting them... he rushed back to his lab, grabbed his Glock, he never loved guns, but now, he thanked all gods for buying them last year after their home was robbed on a Sunday night while they were sleeping upstairs.

As he rushed down the streets, he had to go straight in the opposite direction of desperately escaping groups of people. Streets were filled with these groups, he had a hell of a time getting home... but he finally did it, as he turned right in their long street, there was his home. His family home. As he ran up on the stairs leading to the front door, he had a feeling developing in his stomach, something was wrong, no lights inside, of course, there was no electricity, but no candles? Nothing? And then, finally he reached the front door, it wasn't locked...

He rushed inside, and shouted out loud: "honey, are you home? Dave - Jack's son, 10 years old - "Dave! Are you home?", no one answered, he shouted again and again while searching their home, but it was empty...

At that moment, standing in his son's room upstairs, he looked out the window, it was so dark, he could only see silhouettes of rushing people, and some sort of human-like things moving strangely weird in the crowd. As he tried to focus more on those creatures, he heard a loud noise from downstairs, it was the door being crushed... "They are in, I gotta get out now!" Jack immediately thought, maybe his wife has her phone with them. "I call them when it's safe".

Jack climbed up to the roof on the ladder which was so old, it literally crashed after each step he made upwards. As he reached the roof, something grabbed his shoulder and pushed him sideways to the chimney. It was a monster of some kind, maybe an ill human, Jack couldn't decide at the moment, but it was getting closer and closer. Slowly crawling, like it was hurt, Jack shouted: "Stop! Or I'm gonna shoot you! Stop!", but the monster kept coming, step by step closer to Jack's leg, it was wounded, bleeding slowly, it wasn't made by the creature, he had hit it to the pipe coming out of the chimney's side. "One last warning, I'm gonna fu**ing shoot you! Stop!", but it just kept coming and coming. Jack reached for his Glock, safety off, he loaded the gun with his left hand, the adrenalin just raised to a level, his vision was perfectly clear and everything was moving so slowly for him, he only needed less than a second, aimed and shot the zombie right in the middle of his forehead... At that very moment, he realized, it was a young man, turned to something indescribable... best definition would be a zombie, "what the hell" Jack just kept repeating the same thought. 

After a couple of seconds of processing what just happened, he had to run faster than he ever thought he could, all the monsters heard the loud sound of his gunshot and reoriented to catch him.

Jack jumped off the roof of the 2-floor home,  with his already wounded left leg, and just started to run away, escape the chasing, and find someplace to reevaluate, plan the search and rescue of his family, and find out what the hell just started to be happening in the world...

Good luck mate!

Funding Milestones of Lights Out development

1.Single player story mode with 12 chapters - $200.000

2.Cinematic animations through all chapters - $350.000

3.Single player AI adaptive mode - $425.000

4.Multiplayer, co-ops story mode based on the above chapters - $475.000

5.Additional survivor levels, arena fights - $500.000

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