Together we can Lift the Burden

Together we can Lift the Burden

From Tameika Williams

We need YOU to be the hero in our story. Our mission is to provide hardship services to working, single parents. I created Lift the Burden Inc a Mother & Daughter Company, to become the assistance I once sought. Join us!

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30% of women become pregnant before the age of 20 according to the national and 90% of welfare recipients are single mothers. My story begins with relating to these statistics. At 18 after graduating high school number 6 in my class, I found myself turning 19 and bringing a child into a world I knew nothing about. I had been accepted to Loyola University of New Orleans, the university of my dreams. However, I made the biggest decision of my life that would eventually send me down a separate path. I chose to put my dreams on hold and remain in Las Vegas with my family and raise my son. I was able to obtain a decent-paying job so I could support myself and my child. I moved into my first apartment and began "adulting". I quickly learned what living paycheck-to-paycheck felt like. Even with a good job it seemed it was only enough to survive. This prompted me to seek assistance from the State of Nevada Welfare. I was not receiving any support from the non-custodial parent, paying full rent, paying cash for groceries, on top of utilities and other bills. I assumed getting assistance through the state would be no problem however, I could not have been more wrong. Not only was I denied help due to income limit restrictions, but it is not taken into consideration that I was putting out more money than I was bringing in. I even applied to the Section 8 program, which is a rental housing assistance program for low-income households. I felt that was my final option to catch a break. I was placed on the waiting list in November of 2006. I would remain on the list for 13 years. Fast forward and I finally received an appointment date of October 7th, 2019. I made sure I had all my documents in order because I could not afford to miss this much needed help by being unprepared. I brought proof of denial letters of not receiving any help despite being a single parent trying. I was confident that the worker would be able to help assist me. I went to the appointment with high hopes, only be given at maximum 5 minutes of their time. The worker looked at my pay stub and once again I was told the same words I had become accustomed to hearing, "Unfortunately, you exceed the income limits". To put it in simple terms, I had a meltdown. I was disappointed to say the least. I advised the worker my wait time in the lobby was longer than the time you gave me. I asked, "Do you guys not consider that just because it looks good on paper after deductions, I am surviving check to check"? The woman was sincere I could see it in her eyes, but unfortunately, she was just doing her job. I then asked, “So, if I had more kids or had chosen a minimum wage job, you guys could then help me? right?”  and her response baffled me because she said yes. I held my head high and gathered my documents. When I left the office I had a fire burning in my soul and I knew I could not be the only one going through these emotions and disappointment in the system I thought was designed to help us. This was the day when I was tired of hearing NO, when I needed help the most. I just needed someone to lift the burden. So, I began the blueprint to be the change that I needed. I decided to birth a nonprofit organization in which I named, Lift the Burden; because despite the numbers on the pay stub, everyone needs help at some point in their life. The mission of Lift the Burden Inc is to aid single-working parents who have been denied state or government assistance due to low income limit restrictions. Our organization appreciates the contributions to make this dream a reality. Today you could contribute and tomorrow YOU may be the one who needs the burden lifted. I will not fail, because I know there are so many like me. It is already humbling to raise a child alone, but it takes more courage to ask for help. So, join us and let us come together to lift the burden, especially during a time where tomorrow seems so uncertain. 

“God is within her; she will not fail.” Psalms 46:5

Tameika Williams


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