LifeChange: A Church With a Vision

LifeChange: A Church With a Vision

From Cassie Sons Allen

We are raising money for our small church located in Franklin, TN! All proceeds will go toward funding a new sound system and church repairs! We are an older church that's growing and age is catching up with us!

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LifeChange United Pentecostal Church and its vision to flourish!

13 years ago, Pastor Jonathan McElhaney and his family had a vision for a small church that was run down and almost gone. After several renovations and repairs, it was well enough to start fresh. With a congregation of less than 40 people, the past 13 years have been a trying but rewarding process for the McElhaney's. 

Now, we run up to 75 people and counting. We have come a long way in renovating and making it with the utilities, media, and space that we have, however, time is starting to show how desperate we are to update but how much we really lack as a small congregation. We feel this would be an awesome opportunity to reach out to you for help! All proceeds raised will go directly to the following needs below that are detailed with the issues we are having with them now. 

Sound System: $5,000-$6,000

The sound system we use now during services is old and needing to be replaced. We have two speakers that do not even work, as well as a constant buzzing noise while prayer music is played before services. Our microphones are corded and some of the cords are coming apart as well as a few that have stopped working. Sometimes it will go in and out or not even work at all. We plan to purchase a whole new sound system and cordless mics for the worship team.

Media/Live Stream: $800

Right now, we are using an iPhone 5 for Facebook live stream and for taking pictures during events, services, and outreach. Because of this, the sound and resolution is not very good. We plan to purchase a newer camera with live stream capability so guests are able to comfortably and clearly watch from home without issues of clarity and sound. This camera will also double for photographs during services, outreach, and events. We also plan to purchase ProPresenter in order to put on screen lyrics during services for our media.

Historical Repairs: $22,000

Due to the aging of our building, there are several general repairs needing to be done to the foundation, walls, pipes, etc. The Baptistry needs a filtration system added in order to keep water cleaned for baptisms. Our parking lot is old gravel and grass has grown between that causes muddy areas when raining. We have began the process to pave it. The electrical wires are old and some have began to wear and split. These are our major repairs, however, we have minor ones that include, windows, lights, etc.

We are certainly blessed with what we have and have made do, however, we feel it's time to reach out from our four walls and try something new. We greatly appreciate the support and prayers for our church as we raise money to make room and updates for the future of LifeChange Franklin and those that make it their home! Any amount is appreciated and we'd love to have you join our Live Stream if you'd like to have more information about who we are and what our church looks like! We live stream on Sunday mornings at 11am. You can also view our website below and social media pages.


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Thank you for your support!!!

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