Life for rent

Life for rent

From Steven Serota

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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We present to your attention "Life for Rent" - a unique project aimed at supporting those who need it the most. Those who cannot help themselves and cannot ask for it are our lesser brothers.

Our goal is to raise funds for the purchase of a building to house an animal shelter. Now the shelter is located on two land plots with the necessary communications: water supply, heating. The animals live in a heated room with a total area of over 600 sq. m, but many dogs spend the winter in booths and open-air cages on the street.

The main problem is that in addition to vital expenses (feed, veterinary diet, huge quantities of diapers for bedridden patients, veterinary and medical supplies and supplies, transportation costs, etc.), urgent operations of animals with fractures and mutilations, the shelter is forced to pay funds to the owners of the land plot, and this is a fairly large amount. Every month we risk all our ponytails, because at any moment they can lose their homes over our heads. And how wonderful it would be if they had their own home! Now, on the eve of winter, the problem is becoming even more acute.

Today, more than 450 animals live in the shelter - dogs and cats. And also a rabbit, a raccoon dog, a goat, a pony, a bird.

Some of them are “special” animals, invalids, deprived of one or more limbs, paralyzed, hearing and sight loss. All animals undergo rehabilitation at the shelter, which helps them to live. Each of the "tails" continues to believe in the kindness of a person and dreams of finding their own home, finding loving owners. Every day, the organization receives unfortunate animals, many of which are in serious condition and require immediate assistance. And the residents of the shelter want to eat and drink every day, require care and warmth.But, unfortunately, even for these primary needs, the shelter does not always have enough funds.

Our tasks: 1. Protect animals, injuries and injuries, pain and fear are what animals face on the street.By donating the building to the orphanage, we will be able to protect the "tails" from bullying and torment, lulling to sleep and death from hunger. We want all animals in the shelter to have their own corner, to live in clean and comfortable conditions. Each animal admitted to the shelter undergoes sterilization, vaccination and medical treatment. We help them to believe in kindness and humanity again, we give not only a constant roof over their heads, but also warmth, regular food and care - something that they cannot provide for themselves. Sterilization and necessary care help to reduce the number of hungry stray dogs on the streets of our city, and the number of attacks on children is minimized. The safety of people and animals is in our hands! 2. Find the "tails" of the real owners. During the existence of the project, more than 1600 animals have found a home and loving owners. But we must not stop there!Each of the 450 "tails" living in the shelter is worthy of love and affection. We are often visited by those who cannot take the animal home, but want to help it. We dream of receiving more guests in our shelter, those who help with deeds and give the ponytails care and attention. We want people to get positive emotions when they come to our shelter and learn to help those in need. 3. Conduct information education and education of citizens.The “Lesson of Kindness” is regularly held within the walls of the orphanage - an event for schoolchildren and students of the city of Omsk. We teach children and adolescents to be considerate of animals.

Help the ponytails find a permanent home and become happy!Together we can do it!

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