Life changing surgery, I need your help!

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Hey there everyone.. My name is christina, Im 28 years old and as much as it embarrasses me to do this im here today to plead/beg for help. 

Im in desperate need for a breast reduction. 

I'll take some time here and do my very best to explain why.

I have daily back pain, some days I cant even get up at all, along with the back pain I have stiffness everywhere , neck pain, arm/hand/finger numbness. I can't have my arms above my head for more than a minute without becoming dizzy and nauseated. I have poor blood flow to my arms and chest. Im developing a hunchback which is just glorious, permanent shoulder grooves and occasionally broken blood vessels from straps.. If I don't religiously apply vaseline, rash cream, and/or baby powder I get painful heat rash, ripped skin and unfortunately sores. Its extremely painful & uncomfortable an definitely not fun or beautiful.

I have been trying for years to get my doctor and insurance to help, still am. So far I haven't made progress. So I'm trying another way to fight for this.

I suffer from severe anxiety, have for a long time. Body image issue no self confidence, I really really try. It's easier to fake in a photo than it is in life, you can't live in a photo unfortunately.

 Sadly my breasts contribute a great deal to that. I Don't feel comfortable. I am always in pain. I don't fit in clothes correctly, I mostly wear my father's old clothes. I have a difficult time sleeping, can't breath if I'm flat or on my side, pain radiates through me so I sleep in a recliner. I cant find bras, last I had a fitting at Lane Bryant I was told that I was over a 38k but they couldn't say exactly what do to not having enough tap to measure. So I'm left with no choice but to make what i can to bind myself in place when it's absolutely necessary.  

 Do to the issues with my pain, anxiety and uncomfortable unwanted attention i gained do to my chest I drop out my freshman year in high school. I want more than anything to start my life, find a job, go back to school, perhaps finally start dating in turn get married and finally have my own family. 

I know that for a great many it may be hard to believe that breast could be so detrimental. It may even seem ridiculous to many people, I figure it would be unless you personally or someone real close has or is going through it. If that's the case I'm glad you or yours hasn't/isn't going through it. However I promise you can take my word for it.

If I could trade them or donate them or even give them away I truly would, honest! Iv made that statement so many times in my life I feel like this is my last option, my only hope... 

All if any donations I received will be for the fallowing (& anything I am remembering right off that I directly connected to the surgery) 

Anesthesia fees

Hospital or surgical facility costs

Medical tests

Post-surgery garments

Prescriptions for medication

Surgeon's fee

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and read this. I absolutely appreciate any and all donations and couldn't thank you enough! YOU are my hero! 

One way or another I will pay it forward! As I go through this journey I will share any and all updates..


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