Life-Changing Surgery for Kathan Winchester

Life-Changing Surgery for Kathan Winchester

From Kathan Winchester

I'm raising money for Top surgery. I am a Transgender male and in QLD Australia it costs $10,000+ to have Top surgery, so I am asking for your donations and support to help me become my true self.

Kathan Winchester

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Here is a boy. He has a pet lizard. He likes listening to classical music on vinyl records. He likes playing video games and exploring new places. He just wants to be happy and healthy like everyone else. Here is a boy with gender dysphoria and a dream.

I’m Kathan and I am a transgender man. I’ve been on HRT (Testosterone) since April 2018 and I’ve been out and proud about my gender since November 2016. It’s been a dynamic yet rewarding journey for me. But I need your help to take this important next step in my transition. To help me have the body I was meant to have.

I have worn a binder (a clothing item used to flatten the appearance of a chest and relieve dysphoria) every day for extended periods of time for over 2 years. It has started to have negative effects on my health as I’ve caused some mild damage to my chest wall from binding so often and my doctor says I have to bind less or take more breaks. However, my dysphoria is so bad that in doing that I don't leave my house, or even my room if I am unable to wear my binder. But don't be fooled binding doesn't get rid of all my chest dysphoria and it doesn't flatten my chest completely. This is why this surgery is so important and life-changing for me. 

Not only will this surgery bring me so much joy, but it will also change my life for the better and I will gain a new found confidence in myself. Having this surgery will give me the body I have always dreamed of, the one I was meant to have. It will literally take the weight off my shoulders and remove the immense dysphoria and depression seeing and feeling my chest causes me every day.

I have tried to save up the money myself for almost a year now but due to being unemployed and struggling to find work because of poor health and disabilities (such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Cyclic neutropenia, POTS, multiple severe food allergies and more), I haven't been able to save anything. I am going to keep trying and even sell my stuff and try other ways of earning money, however, I know that I might never be able to make enough. This is where this fundly comes in. I need your help to change my life, to accomplish my dream. To get the body I was meant to have and take the next step towards being fully me.

Here's a breakdown of the costs: 

-Dr Alys Saylor Surgical Fee= $6,200

-Pacific Day Surgery fee= $2,123

-Anaesthetist fee= $2,000

-Travel and accommodation costs= $1,000

-Fundly will deduct a 4.9% fee from each donation. A small credit card processing fee of 3% will also be deducted from each donation.

I don’t like asking for help but this is my only option. Please help achieve the body I was meant to have so I can move on with my life and achieve a better, happier, healthier future. You can donate whatever you can, every dollar counts and even if you can't afford to, sharing this campaign helps! I will give you guys updates whenever possible. 

Thank you for reading. 


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