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Lexi's Life

From Kelsey McKay

I created this campaign on behalf of one of the most special people in my life. She is a mother, a survivor and over the last 7 years has shown me was strength is. How as a mom, you have no choice. You just do.

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I have left the story below so that those who wish to read about last years campaign can do so. But this is a new year, a different Mother's Day weekend and entirely different call to action. Earlier today, in the middle of her brother's 8th Grade Graduation, Lexi was rushed to the hospital and admitted because her kidney levels are so bad. She and her mom are there, and any donations would be appreciated. They have no money for gas or incidentals, and certainly nothing to enjoy Mother's Day together. We ask for your love and prayers. If you are able, we ask for any financial donation you are able to make. These two women are survivors, they are fighters and on this weekend--they need some help. 

Friends, Family and Kind Strangers,

I am creating this campaign on behalf of one of the most special people in my life. She is a mother, a survivor and over the last 7 years has shown me was strength is. How as a mom, you have no choice. You just do. Her amazing daughter graduates on Wednesday. There is no money for her to enjoy this day. Please join me and consider donating towards this cause and reading the story below and sharing it with others. On this season where kids are graduating around the Country, consider donating some of your graduation proceeds, or sponsoring Lexi. Consider sharing this in lieu of a gas card, or subway card, or iTunes card. Instead of accepting excess, consider sharing your gifts. Consider paying part of it forward. This family has no ability to pay for insurance, and practically no funds to cover the meals that her diet requires. 

Though Lexi's mom does not know, I would also like to raise some money for her to enjoy Mother's Day this year. This has been the most challenging year of her life, and the sun can finally be seen through the storm--so I want her to celebrate, not fear. To rejoice in just being a mom, not a survivor. 


 Please read below for a letter from Lexi's mom.

“All I’ve ever wanted is for my kids to have a better life than me. At 16, I was scared, pregnant, and about to give birth to my daughter, Alexis, with absolutely no support system. I was 36 weeks when Lexi had to be delivered by an emergency C-section. At only 4 lbs., 10.5 oz., she was immediately life-flighted to a different hospital that had a NICU. Not knowing what was wrong with my baby was terrifying. When they finally allowed me to see her, she was tiny, in an incubator with tons of tubes covering her body. She was a fighter and a miracle. 

She came off the breathing machine and feeding tube faster than doctors thought she would. When I was able to take her home, her doctors told me she did not pass her hearing tests and that she was deaf. They also told me she was born with a large hole in her heart and that she would eventually need open heart surgery to correct it, but they had to wait until she was at least 13 lbs. So, at 3 months old, Lexi was fit for her first hearing aids. I was told she had severe to profound hearing loss, but they had no idea of her prognosis. At 11 months old, Lexi had surgery to patch the hole in her heart. 

Our first few years were always in hospitals and doctor’s offices. I often wondered if we were going to make it, but I graduated from high school, carrying her down the aisle during my ceremony. I was so proud that we made it through. By the time Alexis was enrolled in Kindergarten, she had learned sign language fluently and was starting to read. She attended regular classes, with a sign language interpreter and remained mainstreamed in regular classrooms all throughout grade school. At a young age, she became very self-conscious and wanted to be “normal” like “all the other kids.”  She continued to excel academically despite her disability, always making honor roll.

When Alexis started high school, she took both advanced and college-level classes. At 15, we had another health scare. Alexis was life-flighted to the ICU from a rural ER, where we found out she was in a hypertensive crisis and in stage 3 kidney failure with a high risk for stroke. We had no idea how or why this happened. Doctors still do not know what caused this. She was in the ICU for approximately a month before doctors could regulate her medications enough for her body to maintain a normal blood pressure. She graduated high school with high honors and was accepted to all five universities in which she applied.

Unfortunately, Alexis’ health condition has worsened over time. Alexis is now in stage 4 kidney failure which has major complications, including; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high potassium, hyperparathyroidism, non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and metabolic acidosis. She needs a kidney transplant. Her doctors have restricted her to an extremely a limited vegetarian diet: low sodium, low protein, low potassium, no citrus, no phosphorus, with nothing frozen, boxed, canned or bagged. Before she has a chance to be put on the transplant list or have a transplant from a living donor who is type O blood, her body must be able to go under general anesthesia. Throughout all of this, Alexis is graduating on May 2, 2018 at 21 years old, with her Associates in Art. I did not even start college until I was 22! She plans on becoming a pediatric ICU doctor due to much of her life in the hospital. She is graduating with high honors. She has been on the President’s List, the Dean’s list, honor roll and was nominated and accepted into two International Honor Societies; Phi Theta Kappa and Psi Beta. I couldn’t be prouder of Alexis’ accomplishments. Her plans are to continue college to become the doctor she has dreamed to be! She has such a big, beautiful heart and wants to do nothing but help others. I hope to update everyone when she fulfills each step of her goals!

Alexis has persevered, and she has never let anything stop her from achieving her goals. This has always been my goal – for her to be better than me. I may not be able to heal her medical problems, but my miracle baby fought her way through the last 21 years of life and I feel honored to have the privilege of being her mother. 

She deserves to have her accomplishments in life celebrated and I want to make it special for her. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to do this alone. All I want is for Alexis to have an outfit and shoes for the graduation ceremony on Wednesday. I want to take her out to eat a special meal, bring her flowers, possibly get her hair and makeup done so feels special and beautiful on her day. I want what every mother wants for their child. As her mom, I wish I could give Lexi the world. For a graduation present, I would love to give her a gift she would never expect – maybe a special charm bracelet or a spa day – something that just has never been financially possible for me to give her. I want her to know how special she is and what an accomplishment this day is for her. I would really like to get something for 13-year-old son and myself to wear to her graduation, so we can show up for her and she can be proud of her family. I thank anyone in advance for this help. Let God Bless you, as He Blessed me with these beautiful children.

--Alexis’ Mom and Number #1 Fan.”

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