Lex’s top surgery fund

Lex’s top surgery fund

From Lex Albrandt

My insurance has denied my appeal for top surgery, so I have to pay out of pocket, and I need help!

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Hi there! My name is Lex, and I identify as a female to male transgender man. I have been on testosterone for a little over a year now, which has been life changing. 

On August 31st 2018 I had consultation for top surgery (which is a double mastectomy with masculinization of the chest) to battle my increasing dysphasia around my chest. My insurance took nearly two months to respond and deny my top surgery pre-authorization because my insurance policy contains a categorical exclusion for gender affirming surgeries for trans people. As of now my insurance has denied my appeal.

This has had a huge effect on my mental and physical health, because i currently use a chest binder to make my chest look flatter to help with my dysphoria. Despite being the right size, binders can still cause painful side effects, namely back pain, and rib pain. They are incredibly uncomfortable, but in my case, necessary.

I’m starting this fundraiser because I have decided to take matters into my own hands, as the appeals process can be incredibly long. I have right around $2000 put away for surgery already. The overall cost for the surgery is $9400.

Any help I can get is worth it, even if it is only $10.

Thank you so much!


Update (03/04/19):

Legacy has changed their policy for those who get the package price (those paying out of pocket for surgery due to insurance denials, or lack of insurance). Previous these people could apply for financial assistance, and were eligible for a payment plan for whatever they couldn’t pay. This is no longer the case. If a person is paying for the surgery out of pocket they are no longer eligible for financial assistance, and are not eligible for a payment plan for what they can’t cover. They must pay the entire lump sum, $9500, up front 2 weeks prior to their surgery.

This means that in order for me to get top surgery, which is medically necessary for both my mental and physical health, I have to find a way to pay $9500.

If you are someone who supports my journey to becoming my authentic self, and you have the means to donate, please consider it. Any amount helps. Please also share with family and friends. If you have already donated, you have my undying gratitude.

Thanks in advance for your support, friends.

TL;DR: the American healthcare system sucks

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