Lets Build a city of God together.!

Lets Build a city of God together.!

From Abdelmalik Chaara

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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Build city of God.where all faiths represented under 40 acres spaces. There is a lot of human progress in all fronts of life, Technology,commerce,health,and trades, but as humans get more interacted with each other , a major issue still unsolved, the religious part. as a very important factor in our deccissions and judgements at time. City of God will be a center accessible to all to learn , where Humans can get the Unique experience of getting closer to God, in all different aspects , and forms of worship. In the city of God, Jews will have thier temple next to the muslim one, Never came that close to my knowledge that exist anywhere. The Christians, Budhist. etc..... will have a place to warship. and exchange , and with siminars, and teachings, we might be able to close the Gap in one of a major trust issues between people and nations. Choosing Arizona at a spot for the project, beside i live here , have a lot of similarities to the source of Most religions, the Middle East.. but also choosing the location of the project is equally important for economic reasons , the site is off major freeway between Arizona . and California.with visitors, and the curious , and with services and fees. City of God, would not only be a new disney land for the faithfulls, but also can be a strong company as well. I would like some Enthusiasms!to join me in this effort, i have the Parcel of land i can provide. but i need more than just land, i need at first help with a biz plan, and spiritual plan for the project , i have studied , and though of the project for some years now , and have most answers, but i need support at this point.

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