Lets Bring Unity Back To The Community!

Lets Bring Unity Back To The Community!

From N'chukym Berry

I'm raising money to host a community event.The money will go toward food for the community, a bounce house and mini carnival, games for the children and a few motivational speakers.

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In creating this event the goal we hope to obtain is simply to install a sense of unity back into our community. The strains in which many of our young and old find themselves faced against on a daily basis are far from few. While there are many who face these difficulties and surpass them with ease, there are many more who find themselves victim to environmental shock, which ultimately leads to an expected statistical fate.

Some of the most damaging perceptions are created from a lack of understanding and support of our younger generation. Often what some perceive as criminal, hopeless and negative burdens on the community are divergent flowers not yet watered and most often left to tend to their personal growth and development. Because of this and the love that we harbor for the younger generation, turning a blind eye while they echo cries of help and even suffer from a deprivation of hopelessness and displacement we came up with the idea of this event and hopefully tradition. What we will host is an event for all ages spanning from Hamilton hill to Mount Pleasant uniting our community members through open mic poetry and creative art, inspirational speakers who will talk directly to the youth about unity, worth and solidarity. Along with this, we also hope to build wider networks through out the community to help combat and address B.O.B violence and smaller communities of mothers, fathers, and parents to prevent the wars sparking between our youth. Although this event primarily serves towards unity, the deeper hope is that we are able to reach people in an inspirational light [mostly the youth]. From what we have found, when our youth feels disconnected and meaningless in a broader speculum, the placement in which they delegate themselves to then become one in which is most comfortable and familiar to them. To my point, where it once took a village to raise a child it now takes a few corporations. Community members are no longer a vital element to the development of the youth; instead they are just the watchers, the recorders, and the mourners. If we were able to create a ripple in the water by reaching just a few that would be better than to have never tried at all.

One thing that I feel important to express is that all youth, no matter what race, gender, or background play an extremely vital role in society. I believe that they all deserve a fair shot in life, regardless of how society views them, what they have gone through, or what they have done. When we give up or turn our backs on the youth we are turning our backs on the very seed of humanity and its most precious gifts. 

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