Let's support the Yaneth Shelter

Let's support the Yaneth Shelter

From Elizabeth Davis

Today we want to tell you about the Yaneth shelter, a place that my children have called the paradise of cats (although there are also some dogs). The shelter is located in the city of Cúcuta, on the border between Co...

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The place was born by the protective instinct that moves our friend Yaneth, she, some years ago began helping kittens that she found abandoned, rehabilitated them and helped them get a loving and responsible home eager to add a new member to their family, but with the mandatory quarantine that plagues the world, we not only saw how the pandemic wiped out jobs, the possibility of meeting our families and friends, but also unleashed another epidemic: the abandonment of pets.

Now the shelter is inhabited by 40 cats and takes care of another 30 that live nearby

At the beginning of the isolation, which in our country (Colombia) began at the end of March 2020, the shelter had 15 cats and 2 puppies, now the shelter is inhabited by 40 cats and takes care of another 30 who live to the surroundings, it also covers the treatment of a dog who lives in a veterinary clinic, a place that has helped much more than we would have imagined.

The new inhabitants who joined over the last year, have arrived due to the abandonment of their families, many of which could not continue taking care of their pets and unfortunately gave up their care due to the precarious work they are experiencing .

Adults and children collaborate with the place

At this moment we are 3 adults and 4 children collaborate with the place, building houses for the cats, cleaning twice a day, getting the necessary food, giving love, procuring medicine and medical attention. We believe that we all deserve a place to call home and we are working to keep our residents well cared for while we manage to place them in a new one.

It is not always easy to cover the expenses of the place

But no matter how much effort and effort we put in, it is not always easy to cover the expenses of the place, food is always a challenge like sand and medicines, our goal is to have a food base, cat litter , medicine and being able to pay for required medical care; ensure the care of the next few months, that is why today we decided to request help, appeal to the goodwill of all those who come across our collection and thus carry out collaborative work in the protection and maintenance of this shelter…. Another medium-term goal is to organize an adoption day, which we will hold as soon as the pandemic allows us to have a meeting between possible families and our furry friends.

Let's support the Yaneth shelter

From now on we thank you for the time you took to read us, for the possible help that may come, whether economic or contributing to the circulation of this initiative.

We leave you a warm hug and we hope everyone is protected.

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