Let’s save Rayan(cancer, S4 Neuroblastoma)

Let’s save Rayan(cancer, S4 Neuroblastoma)

From Larry Brone

I am raising money for Rayan. He is 5 years old and suffering from a rare cancer.

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Despite of being an energetic and happy kid he has not been enjoying his childhood for past 2 years since he was diagnosed with cancer (High-Risk Neuroblastoma). He has been suffering a lot, so our family did too. He is a strong hearted kid. He is fighting so hard, so we do. We are all fighting for his survival.

He had a very tough and stormy 18 months. From very frequent chemotherapy sessions to surgery and bone marrow transplantation, spending plenty of days and nights in intensive care unit under severe isolation, home intensive care , plenty times of various types of C.T Scan, PET Scan, MRI, Bone Scan, and ...After all, despite of enormous expenditure effort and struggle, his situation enhanced up to 20% . Doctors recommended that we continue treatment though immunotherapy with anti-GD2(DINUTUXIMAB) 90 days after bone marrow transplantation.

Thus, this treatment is our last hope to save his life. Please do not underestimate your power of help. Your supports to rayan will surely enhance the development for him.

There is a brand new method for High-Risk Neuroblastoma in which through enhancement of Anti Bodies, chances of a successful treatment can reach to more than 70%, which means a miracle.

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