Let's play together: the best games to play with a friend

Let's play together: the best games to play with a friend

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Finding good games to play with a friend can be challenging. But don't worry; we have collected the best games to play with friends. From co-op action games to casual graphic adventures.

The best games to play with a friend

Spending time with friends is a great opportunity to forget problems and enjoy your vacation. Games are one of the most popular types of entertainment that you can enjoy online with your friends. However, the choice of games can determine the quality of your leisure time. Therefore, we have prepared a small list of the best games you can play with your friends online on PC or consoles. We are sure this list will provide you an exciting evening with loved ones!

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  • Genre: platformer, indie game

  • Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Linux, macOS

  • Release year: 2015

Before, you were a humorous toy where every "bro." Broforce is a squad of fighters fighting terrorists and freeing their bros from captivity. The mission is completed when you destroy a powerful boss at the end of the level, raise a flag on the enemy base, and fly away in a helicopter. Embark on a fun journey with your friends. Bro is very similar to the action heroes of the 80s and 90s. Everyone on the team has a unique skill that recharges after time runs out. Broforce is the most fun co-op action game ever to play with friends.


  • Genre: horror, shooter

  • Platform: PC

  • Release year: 2021

By fate's will, four players were captured by a terrible creature called the Overseer. He keeps them in an abandoned underground complex inhabited by the most horrible monsters imaginable. The heroes are trying with all their might to escape, but the insidious owner of the dungeon has set traps everywhere and unleashed his minions. Will the team be able to break free?

An exciting cooperative horror action game where you and your friends will have to experience what fear means for yourself. Around every corner, another enemy awaits, and the only way out is to work together. It depends only on team coherence whether you can survive.


  • Genre: Action-RPG

  • Platform: PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, macOS

  • Release year: 2020

The unnamed hero finds himself in an abandoned space station, Irid Novo. But it turned out that it was far from empty. Evil aliens are sneaking along the corridors, and a group of Space Gods is in charge of all the processes at the station. The protagonist is tasked - to go through the halls of Hell to the station's heart and uncover why it was abandoned many years ago.

The heir to Doom honorably confirms its high status. In Hellpoint, the player has access to various weapons, and the enemies rain down on him like from a cornucopia. Near the station is a Black Hole, due to the influence of which the opponents constantly mutate and change their battle tactics. The PC version also has a multiplayer mode where you can compete with your friends.

  • Genre: shooter, horror

  • Platform: PC, Xbox 360, macOS

  • Release year: 2008

Here is a co-op action horror game that is worthwhile including in our top co-op games on PC. You have to fight against zombies and mutated monsters. In a team of four, go to clear the dead and battle hordes of monsters, many of which have unique skills and deal good damage. Try to survive in co-op mode, choose one hero with your abilities, stock up on equipment, and move forward - straight to the epicenter of the disaster. You are waiting for prominent locations, several game modes, and many mods (thanks to the artisans!) This game is very fun.


  • Genre: action, adventure game

  • Platform: PC, Xbox 360

  • Release year: 2011

Embark on a fantasy magical world alone or with friends in cooperative mode. You have several spells that can be combined in different ways and destroy enemies. The game has 15 levels for you to explore. First, solve secrets, fight dangerous opponents, and find chests and weapons. Then, it remains only to make friends with you, and you can battle with a giant troll. Help each other, study the environment, and learn new magic combinations together. This game will keep you and your friend entertained for hours!

  • Genre: Action-RPG

  • Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S

  • Release year: 2020

Well, let's plunge into the world of "Minecraft"? The legendary pixel game allows players to immerse themselves in the Dungeons storyline. An ancient evil woke up, which rested in the depths of the dungeon, now the whole world is in danger, and only you can save it. So, become a hero and save the population of the pixel world from destruction. With your friends, participate in crazy battles, overcome all dangers, and fight in the final battle against evil. Explore prominent locations, look for equipment, resources, and craft, and replenish your weapon stock. All this is necessary to complete a critical mission to save the world successfully.

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