"Let's Plant Trees for Sustainability"

"Let's Plant Trees for Sustainability"

From James Bangura

I am raising money to restore vegetation by planting trees in the encroached catchment areas in Sierra Leone. My efforts is focused on reversing deforestation as recommended by the Environment Protection Agency.

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"Let's Plant Trees for Sustainability"

The Challenge

The capital city of Freetown, Sierra Leone is vulnerable to environmental disasters such as flooding and landslides. On August 14, 2017, significant mudflow events occurred in and around the capital city of Freetown in Sierra Leone which affected 116,766 m (1,256,858 ft) land area. More than 1,000 Sierra Leoneans died during the landslide, leaving more than 6,000 locals homeless in the mountainous area of Regent. This is partly as a result of the deforestation of the surrounding hills, where trees and the vegetation have been indiscriminately cut down for firewood and unplanned housing. The major catchment areas are dying out which is already affecting the access to water in the city. 

This project is helping to restore vegetation by planting trees in the surrounding hills and the major catchment areas in the city. This project is focused on reversing deforestation as recommended by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).


Let's Plant Trees for Sustainability Project is helping to address deforestation by planting trees, in the hills above Freetown, in the peninsular area, in the encroached catchment areas in Freetown, and in the deforested areas in Sierra Leone. Reforestation by planting one tree at a time will help to reverse the effects of deforestation. Your support helps to purchase seedlings and cover the cost of other tree-planting expenses. As more trees are planted, the risk of life and property due to flooding decreases. It will help to restore the catchment areas and hence yield to productive water distribution- an important component of the Sustainable Development Goals. This also contributes to reduced carbon dioxide levels / global warming.

What Happens Next?

By restoring vegetation and the forest, we are helping to combat global warming. We are also helping to reduce runoff water from the hills. The trees will help to reduce landslides and rock slides that have resulted in the loss of life. Reforestation is essential for the overall health and quality of life in the community. Reforestation will benefit the local ecosystem by providing the vegetation and helping to restore biodiversity.

By donating whatever little you could, you are contributing to making the world just a little greener, cleaner, and healthier. 

Project Breakdown: 

The scope of the project is to plant 2,000 trees in the areas mentioned above. This imply that one tree will be planted for every $2 donation. 

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