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We're raising funds to continue our nonprofit's Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs), Spontaneous Acts of Compassion (SACs) & Planned Acts of Kindness (PAKs), and to launch our newest initiative-Let's Make America One!

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The nonprofit Beyond Christmas, the random acts of kindness and spontaneous acts of compassion people known for committing daily acts of kindness and compassion, and for paying off lay-a-ways at K-mart stores around Christmas, need your help to continue operations, and to help individuals, families, nonprofits and businesses, understand, unite and take positive actions, to begin the long overdue recovery from the racial injustice, inequality, and discrimination that has long plagued our nation; and that is now exacerbated by the pandemic.


To help rebuild a nation where people are no longer treated differently because of the color of their skin, their race, age, size, gender, personal identity, physical capabilities or their economic status.


To Inform, Educate, and Empower ALL People to Experience Racial & Economic Justice.

Several recent events across the nation have brought the racism, injustice and discrimination, that has long plagued black, brown, and other ethnic communities to the limelight nationally, and even worldwide. We all must do our part to help unite our nation, and that includes understanding the truth about where we currently are, how we got here, and what is needed to move forward from here, and make a profound, positive, and lasting change. 

We understand that change can be challenging, change can be complicated, and change can be painful. However, we also understand that change is needed NOW.

To say the very least, these are extremely challenging times socially, emotionally,  physically and financially for almost everyone, including nonprofits, and we believe that there has never been a time when the practice of strong, but compassionate leadership has been more important. 

In today’s climate, we are having to make sense of new information, including financial data, almost on a daily basis. We are having to adjust, plan, and re-plan constantly. We are challenged to evaluate, digest, and communicate complex information, and make financial decisions, even painful ones, based upon today's realities. It is, in a word, stressful.

Requests to our Ministry and many other helping hands groups have gone unanswered, simply because most, like us, are out of funds, and unable to meet the growing needs of so many individuals and families. Other requests go unanswered because they originate from a group or business, and our focus has always been on individuals and families.

However, many worthy groups and businesses need financial help too, because this pandemic is indiscriminate and impacts us all, putting extraordinary financial pressures on groups, and businesses, along with individuals and families.

You can help us help individuals, families, groups and businesses, rebuild their lives, and their livelihoods by donating to Beyond Christmas.

While helping financially, we will also develop a fun, interactive curriculum for ages 5 and above, to inform, educate, and empower them about race relations, and the history of the United States so that they are knowledgeable of our nation's past, and perhaps decide not to repeat it. University students will work with us to develop the curriculum for students and adults.

The video above  by Eliana Pipes is an excellent starting point.

We have always believed that we all should care about, and show concern for each other BEYOND the holidays; and that’s even more urgent now. IMPORTANT: Funds are paid directly to the Landlord, Mortgage Company, Utility Company, Doctor, etc. on behalf of recipients, to ensure proper credit. Food vouches are provided to recipients for Supermarkets in their local area. 

We can do this because our nationwide staff, (including myself as Executive Director), are all VOLUNTEERS, so 95% or more of every dollar donated, goes back out in service to others.

Will you help us continue helping others by donating? Large or small, we value it all! Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.

Even if you cannot donate, please sign our Let’s Make America One Pledge by visiting our website - http://LMAO.BeyondChristmas.org.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

BJ Kelley Co-Founder & Director (God is the Founder) 

Beyond Christmas

A Ministry of Faith Good Shephard Chapel



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