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The public Association for the protection of animals "Speranta" was registered in 2009. The main purpose of the work is to save and help animals in distress. Currently, we supervise and rescue animals in CLETCA, which is a temporary detention center for animals and their subsequent killing.

CLETCA is not a shelter, it is a 5-day detention point and the subsequent euthanasia of neglected animals.

Please help us collect 50 ponies (25 dogs, 25 cats) for ransom.

There is a legal question: why money is needed for the purchase of animals. Answer: for our city, this is a way to replenish the city budget. We went to the City Executive Committee and wrote complaints, asked to withdraw a cash ransom for the registration and release of animals for volunteer organizations. It got worse. If we did not pay for the daily maintenance of animals there before, now we do it. That is, if we take the animal for 5 days, then we pay about 500 lei extra.

I wrote a petition and another letter and asked for help from Aegis (the largest animal protection organization in Belarus). But for now, time is playing against us.

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