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Update #3

Gabriella is 9 years old and was recently diagnosed with Inflammatory Myopathy (Dermatomyositis), an autoimmune disease that affects muscles, skin and joints of the body.
Gabriella had dengue at the beginning of the year, and visited the emergency room and doctors on several occasions. It was at that time that they found that their liver levels were altered and, in principle, they defined that it could have been liver dengue. Gabriella's symptoms and labs did not improve despite following the liver diet to the letter. The fatigue and lack of courage to get up and walk increased, leading her parents to suspect that there was something else. She went to the emergency room several times, as Gabriella's physical condition worsened. An excellent group of doctors led by her pediatrician Ana María Agrela, followed by Dr. Carmen Pazo (neuropediatrician) and with the accompaniment of Dr. Carolina Zambrano (pediatrician) immediately suggested an electromyography and immunological profiles. They managed to understand the symptoms and medical conditions. These doctors have been a blessing for the family, demonstrating at all times their professionalism, vocation and human quality. With a preliminary diagnosis of Inflammatory Myopathy (Dermatomyositis) they were able to start working with the necessary treatments to improve the symptoms related to their condition. In this instance, Gabriella was treated by Dr. Luis Gutierrez (rheumatologist), who is the doctor in charge of guiding the definitive plan after performing muscle biopsy and other immunological profile tests to find the treatment that allows Gaby to return to walk and run like all boys and girls his age.

Unfortunately the situation in Venezuela, where Gabriella lives with her family, is very critical. At an economic level, it is very difficult to manage these health situations, the salary they earn does not equal the high costs of everything related to their health. A situation that is further complicated by the pandemic and the situation of job decline that we are all going through. In addition to this, the medical plan only covered up to a point of diagnosis for considering it a pre-existing chronic disease and no longer covers any interventions, tests or medications related to your condition until the end of 2020.
Although, at family level and close friends, we are supporting Gabriella; With all this situation that we are going through, it is very difficult for us to provide everything that is needed for your treatment. We made a budget of what they already owe for medical services, which did not cover the insurance and everything that they will have to cover between now and the end of the year and we decided to do this campaign.
We are grateful in advance for all the help you can provide, whether by donating or sharing the campaign with family and friends so that we can reach the goal. Any contribution is valuable, no matter how much it is.

Help us to help her.
Thank you for reading.

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