Let's Help Dickie!

Let's Help Dickie!

From Ayla Faye Bowling

We're raising $ for our good friend Dickie who was hit by a car, and long story short... because #healthcareinamerica he's now a little over $20,000 in debt in medical bills -- even though *he's* the one who was hit. :(

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Our good friend, Cincy-industry-bestie, always-has-your-back-no-matter-what-boy Dickie aka Richard aka Richie Thomas was hit by a car recently! If you're reading this, you probably knew that already. What you don't know is that even though Dickie had an attorney and they filed for the maximum, the guy who hit him had a maximum insurance policy of $50,000... and so far Dickie's medical bills are a little over $70,000.  Leaving Dickie a little over $20,000 in debt - so far.

The whole situation is just terrible, we all know that Dickie out of everyone definitely doesn't deserve this sudden and huge financial burden.  He works his ass off always, and has been working really hard the past few years to improve his credit score and was doing REALLY GOOD!  Until this happened. :(

Any dollar amount helps -- let's try to get him out of as much of this debt as possible! #DollarsForDickie <3

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