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Get together for a virtual birthday celebration and join us as we adopt two families in need this holiday season. Let's bring light to the darkness of 2020 and bring back the magic of the holiday season. Together, apart.

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Skip the coffee ☕

Its cliché but true, if we want to make room in our budgets for giving it is possible (for most, not all). I fully believe in 'treat yo self' but maybe for today put that $5 toward a family in need <3.


Skip 2 coffees / teas / whatever your vice ☕☕


Skip the cocktail


Make dinner at home




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For starters, thank you and Facebook for showing me so much love for my 32nd trip around the sun. For as much garbage exists on the platform, there is so much good. Thanks for taking time to say hi and happy birthday, it means the world.

We know this is a weird year for the collective of the world and birthday parties aren't/shouldn't be a thing right now. The good news is virtual celebrations are at our disposal so rather than getting drinks/dinner/whatever I would like to invite each of you to donate to this year's adopt a family holiday fundraiser. We have been getting together since 2014 and have adopted 9 families and raised over $4500. 

Adopt a family is a program used in local communities/the Salvation army/etc.. to bring donors together to donate to families in need during the holiday season. 

You may or may not know but my siblings and I were beneficiaries of the generosity of strangers through this program. 

Due to a number of circumstances, some years we were unable to celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense. My parents had let us know in advance that the holiday would not be as robust as we had hoped and dreamed. They let us know that we had all been great kids and that Santa wanted to leave us all the items on our lists, but there were other kids all over the world that needed things a bit more than we did. Although we were a little disappointed, we understood and were excited about whatever surprise Santa had in store. We were kids after all.

It was the week of Christmas and to my dismay, the corner of the living room which would have otherwise occupied our tree was bare (I now know those pine needle filled beauties are expensive, I didn't quite understand at the time). My parents and grandparents did their best to provide us with everything we needed to survive– that took priority.

A few days before Santa's anticipated arrival, a group of strangers showed up on our doorstep bearing a fresh Douglas fir, canned food, and gifts, lots of gifts. It turned out that someone in the community nominated us for the AAF program. We were in awe. I am still in awe.

Things have changed a lot since that year, but the amount of gratitude I hold and the memories that were made still remain near and dear to my heart. I tell you this story not as a vehicle for pity or admiration but as a testament to the power of community, giving, and selflessness.

Also, if you want to help with something other than donations or help shop or write notes or whatever please let me know. And feel free to reach out to your local Salvation Army organization to adopt a family of your own. <3

Thanks for being wonderful!

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