Let's Bring Judy, My Guitar, Home

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 Many of you have helped me before when I was in danger of losing valuable equipment to the pawn shop, and I am grateful. But losing Judy, my 1987 Gibson Les Paul Jr. that's been my trademark through my so-called career, was the worst.Seems she's been through a few dealers and traveled across country since I lost her last May, thanks to a too-punchy pawn shop and a mercenary guitar broker in Kyle. She turned up in Providence, RI a few days ago, worse for wear and about to be traded for stereo gear by an equally brutal dealer.A friend in Massachusetts who also deals in vintage guitars saw the ad in Craigslist, tried reasoning with the guy, and drove an hour and paid 5 times what the pawn shop sold her for. He saved Judy, did some necessary maintenance and is holding her for me.Now I just need to come up with $2500.I posted much of this at Facebook and Instagram two hours ago. I didn't want to do another GoFundMe, due to some hate and shade I endured for having come with hat in hand just a few months back. But response was so good, I'm going for it. If 100 of the 150 positive responses thus far at various social networking sites chipped in $25 apiece, we could have Judy back by the end of the week.  I am asking for $2575 to offset Fundly's administrative charges.My birthday is September 12th. The best birthday gift in the world would be to play Judy again at my birthday show this year. Thank you.

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