Legal Fees to Fight Greedy Beneficiaries / PLEASE Help!

Legal Fees to Fight Greedy Beneficiaries / PLEASE Help!

From Sammi Chen

Hello everyone, I have been in a legal battle now for almost 3 years. My step father passed & like all of us, he procrastinate & never changed his Will. People he had not spoken to in 15 yrs are fighting it.

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I lost my dad in 2018 and within 6 months I lost my stepfather.  I had never experienced the loss of a loved one and losing two within 6 months was too much for me to handle, so I checked out of the world.  My mind went offline, and I was taken full advantage of by attorneys and greedy people.

My stepfather never updated his Will and people who he had not spoken to for over 10 to 15 years decided they deserve more than what was left for them: residuals.  They feel they should get the entire estate which in pretty much what I was left.  I have tried to settle with them for over 3 years giving in to everything they asked, but every time I said yes, they wanted more.  Now they want my non-probate items as well.

I have no idea what is a good or bad probate attorney in 2018 and really did not pay attention to anything until 2022.  I was in grief and shock so I could not deal with the world until 2022.  Well, my attorney assured me there was no need to file any restrictions on selling assets, because Executors do not tend to steal from beneficiaries.  Well, they hid the finding and stole $180K worth of gold coins and sold them all, so I could never get them.  Basically, they have been using this to fund their attorney fees to torture me for 3 years.

The Executor and their attorney have lied, stolen and for almost 3 years the Executor has had someone else acting (he lives outside the USA) as the Executor without any beneficiary vote or a legal agreement.  As I have said before, my attorney has just billed me, but failed to stop any of this.  I have now since switch attorneys, but it seems my current one just wants me to settle and agrees that the Executor has possibly committed Inheritance Theft, Fraud Upon the Courts and Executor Fraud, but says in Texas it is very difficult to show gross misconduct / mishandling to get Executor removed and prove all the frauds, so it just easier to give them what they want.  I do not understand how non-probate items can be part of the demand for settlement.  How is this legal?

I cannot afford a legitimate attorney who will fight for me and my rights.  I have used almost all the POD left to me and desperately need help!  No one will take my case pro-bono and all good ones want a $25- 35K retainer.  I would greatly appreciate your donation, so I can try and save my inheritance: a GMC Truck and Dodge Challenger which were my stepfather’s pride and joy, his home and all his personal property within the home.  Obi my foster failure pup (I adopted) says: Thank you and be safe!

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