Legal defense against Union

Legal defense against Union

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From Vicki Strickland

My wife Vicki is in a legal battle with the IBEW to save her business from being forced into the union . Because I was formerly in the union they are claiming she must be union

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I owned a small construction shop and we were union after the housing bubble burst I was forced to close due to lack of work and several people who did not pay. I attempted to find a job but nobody was hiring . It was a difficult time for me financially as well as mentally. My loving wife Vicki saw that I was struggleing and suggested thatShe open a service business and I could work for her. I was reluctant but deciced to give it a try because nothing was openiong up. She quickly discovered that their was a need for a good service company and additional employees were soon needed. I soon moved into marketing and sales and things were finally turning around. Then out of the blue Vicki gets a demand from the IBEW lawyers that she produce all her records as well as client list and she pay for it. Well she has nothing to do with the union and felt that their demands were unreasonable and declined . Well now they have filled a civil suit demanding these records claiming that she is actuall an alter ego of my closed business. She has  spent three thousand dollars and produced numerous records showing she purchased all her equipment, vans and all new employees. She thought this would be enough  but with an unlimited supply of dues money their lawyers have only one goal and that is to spend her into closing costing the jobs of several people.

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