Legal battles to protect children shouldn't cost this much!

Legal battles to protect children shouldn't cost this much!

From Jennifer Marie

I'm stepping out in FAITH & humility to ask for help. The painful fight to keep custody of my children has overwhelmed me with debt. All contributions go directly to legal bills

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For those of you who know me, know how difficult this is for me to talk about, ask for, and humble myself to do.  But I am feeling called to step out in a HUGE faith to glorify God through a horrible situation.  I am $90,000 in debt to my law firm, all of which has been from a custody battle I NEVER thought I would have in this lifetime.  So I am asking that God move here - I am asking that He provide those legal bills in a way only He can.  This isn't for me.  This is for my kids & their future.  I believe that He can & will provide, but He says "ask" not "assume" when we come before Him.  So I am asking.  I am asking that God move & reach the goal of $90,000 so I can pay my legal bills. 

For those of you who don't know me, my story is one that still baffles me.  I married my night in shining armor.  We had two beautiful children.  And something went wrong.  Something shifted.  Over the last few years I have found myself in a terrible relationship, one that came to head & forced me to leave, for the safety of myself and my children.  My children & I are now living with my parents because their father will not me use the house we own (he even changed the locks), and I am using my parent's car because he will not let me use 1 of 3 he has use of.  His mother, whom he moved into the house shortly after he told me to leave, has abused both of my children.  Yet he still defies a "no contact" court order, that he agreed to, to keep her away.  But because of his job, he gets away with it and is believed over me - I am always the "bad guy" (can you guess what he does?).  I have been a stay at home mom their entire lives, and he put $20,000+ on a credit card in my sole name without my knowledge or consent, and has left me to pay it.  He drained the bank accounts.  He provided $0 support for 7 months.  The debt outside of my legal fees is an entirely seperate can of worm, as I had nothing but credit and my parents to support us for months.

I thought my battle with cancer a few years ago was my big life crisis that God was walking me through.  I did not realize that was a bump in the road compared to what lied ahead.  Going through major surgery & chemotherapy was easier than the battle I face.  I think of Job and how everything was taken from him, and he still praised God.  I am there now.  My health is ok, but I no longer have that sense of security we all too often take for granted.  My children have been abused, and my youngest has been diagnosed with clinical depression from the abuse.  My money is more than gone.  All my possessions, but for some clothes will be sold - house, car, everything.  

And now I face my attorney not being able to represent me because I can't come up with $30,000 in a week.  So rather than ask for $30,000, I'm asking that God provide the entire balance.  To show my firm and EVERYONE that HE is in control of ALL of this!  To glorify HIM.  To show HE CARES for His children.  And every $1 that goes in will be directly from Him, not matter who's hand it passed through.

When God provides, He will be glorified.  And my children will grow up knowing that He took care of their needs.

Yes, those are bold statements, but we are told to boldly come before the throne.  So I am.  I'm boldly claiming that God will provide!  Not for me, for my children - His children - and for His glory!

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