Legacy Conference 2015

Legacy Conference 2015

From Brian Dye

Help us raise $15k for the 9th annual Legacy Conference. These funds help us keep the registration cost of the conference affordable for our targeted urban, young adult audience.

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The Impact

Testimony #1: 

This year was amazing our church brought 10 unbelievers and 3 of them came back as believers! Putting their trust in Jesus. Two of the three new believers could share with you the work of The Lord through the lives of other believers living life on life with them and sharing the gospel in and through the love of Jesus Christ. The Sunday we got back our church got to hear a couple of their testimonies and it was so encouraging.

We praise God for this conference and the labor you all do in putting it together. I hope and pray it continues to bless the Church and the cities and miniseries they come from.

There is so much more that was learned and taken from the conference but that was a highlight.

Testimony #2: 

Working in inner city ministry in Indianapolis, I sometimes forget that there are thousands of people like myself laboring and serving so well. This can become discouraging and very hard at times. Being faced with lots of brokenness and little rest, one can burn out and loose passion or focus. I attended Legacy to learn and grow, but what I found there in the cafeteria was hundreds of believers buzzing around loving each other well and encouraging my soul. Legacy ended up being the retreat I needed. I left encouraged and uplifted by the fellowship and amazing community.

Testimony #3: 

To see people of all ages, cultures, races, from all places come together to magnify the same God, is absolutely amazing to me. I have never seen such a diverse conference of people on one accord like this conference. Glad I was able to experience that at Legacy.

Testimony #4: 

Every year (this was my fourth) Legacy has been life transforming. I've learned about community, friendship, the Gospel, worship, discipleship, on and on I can go. Every year I anticipate what God will do to my family at the conference. I can't thank all the workers and supporters enough. Thank you.

Testimony #5: 

I first came to the Legacy Conference thinking I knew what I needed to learn, but God taught me that He has better plans for me. I thought I would learn all practical things to take back to my city, but I left with a deeper passion for Christ and His mission to save His children. That seems like an obvious thing to hope for, but I left feeling even more of a burden for the gospel of Christ. I thought I would learn (mind stretching), but I left knowing (heart stretching) Jesus more. I am very thankful for that.

Testimony #6: 

Legacy truly is something one of a kind. The messages brought forth all touched my soul. I walked away with a mission for community and being content in all things. God was present at Legacy for those that wanted to seek Him. He answered prayers while I was there, for opportunity to meet new people. He spoke to me about issues that I had been trying to mask in my life. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day of life and Legacy was a great way to just get in deep with God. I have been feeling His presence all around since leaving the conference and know that there is much to be thankful and joyful about. I pray that Legacy would continue to keep doing great things for the glory of God and helping to further disciples walk with Christ. I feel like I am now a member of the Legacy family and plan on returning as long as the Lord allows.

Testimony #7: 

Legacy has given me high level instruction in the areas of Hermeneutics and Apologetics, so much so that I am interested in pursuing collegiate instruction in these areas. The fellowship is amazing and invigorating, I am often able to have genuine face to face conversations with people that I generally only get to talk to via the internet.

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