Grow, Empower and Heal

Grow, Empower and Heal

From Ariana Smith

I've been working with the More to Life Foundation for 10 years now, learning tools that have offered me more connection and more self-acceptance. I'm raising money to attend their Sixth Sense course in December.

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Thank you for taking time to read this. I would like to start by sharing a part of my journey. In 2005 I sustained a spinal injury and severe concussion when I skied over a cliff. I was 11 years old. This was a huge adjustment for me and my family. My emotions became alien and overwhelming. It took me longer to make sense of the information presented to me. And I just hurt. All the time. I was going through puberty, in high school and a competitive athlete. I couldn’t see how my accident had impacted my life. In my mind I had no excuse for this weakness. After a few years I gave in to feeling misunderstood. My issues had created more issues, my home life was unhappy and I couldn’t keep up with my peers despite giving everything I had. I was done. My parents tried everything, it honestly felt like every week I saw new specialists and had new expensive treatments. 

When I was 16 my mother took me to a More to Life course. A LIFE-CHANGING weekend course. From that point forward I began to awaken. I saw my frustrations for the expectations they were, I felt my anger as the hurt it truly was, I began to understand and I began to heal. My life has been coloured with highs and lows and I’m grateful for every moment. Everything was exactly as it was supposed to be and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

I want this for everyone. I want every child to understand their insecurity. Every adult to have the skills to thrive when life throws curve-balls. So now for my mission statement:  

  • Grow – I want to step fully into my authentic self. To embrace my creativity and passion and master my fears.  
  • Empower – I believe it is my purpose to spread this knowledge. One day I would like to lead this type of work for the community, and continue to create the self-transformation this work inspires. 
  • Heal – I want to holistically heal the world. I want you reading right now to feel no shame, to know how important you are, to be proud of all the brave things you have done and let go of any past mistakes. I want us to connect so we can save our planet. I want everybody to be safe. 

More to Life has been active since 1981 and extends across the US, the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand. Here is a link to the courses they have to offer .  

I have the chance attend Sixth Sense course in Costa Rica this December. I am crazy excited and honoured to have been selected. To make this course possible I’m working to raise US$3000 before November 5thIt is a stretch for me to raise $1500 and I don’t want money to be the reason for me not taking my next step. If you are in a position to donate, every dollar helps and I am thankful for anything you can offer towards the other $1500. 

Please, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have 

With aroha & gratitude for your support! 

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