Laptop to help my best friend (Music Producer)

Laptop to help my best friend (Music Producer)

From Scott M Tsutsumi

My best friend, a wonderful & incredible talented music producer has been struggling the last few years to support his career as he has poured everything into his music since we left high school.

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He managed to work with recognised artists like Boaz van de Beats, Ronnie Flex, Eva Simmons, Willy Wartaal, Odillia etc.They don't only recognise him for his talent but also because he is able to coach an artist to bring the best out in them during a recording session.Watching him in a studio recording, coaching and mixing on the fly to keep up with all these incredible artists is a genuine pleasure and many often find it weird he has not been truly successful yet.A few labels have tried signing him but the contract conditions would give him bare minimum and would only support him financially temporarily as he would need to return the money that would be granted to support his career. He would also be dependent on the label to promote his music and green light any project which limits his creativity.This has caused quite the impact in his life, he lives with his mom who he helps support with his part time jobs which doesn't pay well to begin with. He even needed to sell his car for a mere 100 euro's (I wish was joking). It wasn't much of a car to begin with but it was all he needed to get around to studio's and other artists.For the last 7 years he managed to survive on the same 1 student laptop which he bought all those years ago, which now frequently crashes or shuts down due to overheating which brings me to the reason why I started this fundraising.I absolutely believe in this man, I have always looked and listened critically to his music without being biased and he is truly an incredible producer with such a deep understanding of music and sounds.I am hoping to replace his old "garbage" laptop with a real good professional one so he never has to worry about the limitations or be ashamed tof showing it when being around great artists.It would be the first thing he would ever own in his life that he could be proud of and give him that extra "gas" that he needs to start making it out there.He has always expressed that most of the artists and studio's he visited would be lying with MacBook Pro's. So I have looked into several one's and after reading it seems the most suitable would be one with multiple cores and preferably a big screen as you can imagine he will be dedicating his entire free time behind it.Macbook's are notoriously for being more expensive than their windows counterparts so I'm aiming between 1000 and 1500Even if that would not be enough I have been saving a bit on the side for him without his knowledge so I could help fill the gap one day with hopefully a cheap car or fill the rest of this Fundly campaign if we would not make it fully (I already frequently help him pay small bills when he is in debt, which he somehow manages to always pay me back).He doesn't know I'm doing this in any way and perhaps I could thank all of you by updating you with his latest music creations which will be made using his shiny new equipment.There is no rush in any sense, but the sooner he could get his hands on agood laptop the faster he can unleash his undivided creativity.

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