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I Wanna Meet My Favorite Celebrity!! I Doubt Anyone Will Donate. But Its Worth A Try, Right!! It would mean EVERYTHiNG to Me. PLEASE & Thank U Scroll Down & Click HOME for info.

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I think most of you know me. Maybe you dont really know a whole lot about me. But If I didnt know you, then you wouldnt be on my Facebook Friends.. So. Nothing too exciting to say about myself. Im kinda a shy person sometimes, so I dont really get out much.. plus I have no car so that makes it hard too.. But I have never traveled anywhere.. Ive never got to meet anyone famous.. Ive never won anything.. Nothing exciting has ever really happened to me.. I just want this one opportunity to do something that would mean a whole lot to me, and would make me the Happiest Person Ever!! So if you can find any spare change laying around, that you wouldnt mind parting with.. PLEASE donate and help me reach my goal!! Thank You & I Luv U All!!

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Okay. I am trying to get enough money, to be able to buy a VIP ticket to see my all time favorite Celebrity & his Band. The VIP ticket includes a concert, then I would get to go backstage and meet them all & get a picture & autograph. I want to go to the concert here in AZ. Then 2 days later, in CA there is a movie screening, and another meet and greet.. Oh.. U wanna know who I am talking about? He is an Amazing Actor.. An Amazing Musician.. He is Gorgeous, Sexy, Smart..etc.. Im sure there are many that won't agree.. but I want more than anything.. to meet Jared Leto, and his band 30 Seconds to Mars. I have never traveled anywhere. I have never met anyone really famous. Nothing exciting has really happened in my life (my own fault!!). I just want this one opportunity to get to have my dream come true. The concert/movie screening is in August/September of this year and VIP tickets are going quick.. PLEASE guys.. any little, or big amount of money will help me. I have some $ saved up, but not enough. PLEASE donate/Help me make this little dream of mine come true!! It would mean, EVERYTHiNG to Me!!

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