Lady Phoenix Rises....Again!

Lady Phoenix Rises....Again!

From Denise Kirkland

Art and jewelry supplies, office Supplies, equipment, Web-based services, facility rental, organization dues, marketing and anything else that will help me create several streams of income in order to live my best life!

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Just like the Phoenix, consumed by fire, then rises from the ashes to live again, I have dubbed myself 'Lady Phoenix' because:

A. I'm a girl (an old girl, to be fair but a girl nonetheless, 


B.. I have survived trial by fire.

For the last couple of years, since my magnificent husband and Love of My Life became my dearly departed, I have experienced some terrible ordeals that pretty much shattered me. In essence, Life burned me up and left naught but ashes....Though those pesky flickering flames still lick my face from time to time, my little ol' resurrected self has changed her "woe is me" attitude into a "I'm An Woman on Fire!" mindset. 

I am resilient. I am strong. I am fantastically talented but I ain't braggin', I'm testifying. You see, in our "old people naivete", my husband and I really didn't plan financially for either of us to die. Left with a mountain of bills and no way to pay them, life became more and more miserable. Even with a VERY small portion as a Widow's benefits (I wasn't old enough to receive his full benefits). I was just not able to keep up.

Wallowing in ashes and tears can make for one sooty mess and I'm just not willing to live the rest of my life writhing in m. So...

This campaign is not to ask for fish. I am asking for fishing gear to catch my own damn fish. Never again do I want my very existence to be determined by one somebody's income, solely government funding or a stimulus check.

I once read that to enjoy a comfortable retirement, one has to create several streams of income. That is what this campaign is all about. I don't want you to pay my bills; I want to pay my own bills using the money that I make with my own hands and head.

 If it takes a "village to raise a child",  it's going to take friends, associates and even total strangers to help this old lady raise money for her fishing gear!

Your kind and in-kind donations will help me secure my fishing gear.

The Streams 

1. Lady Phoenix Bazaar-The business of hand crafted items. The products will be made from ceramic clay, beads and re-purposed objects.

2. Herb & Vegetable Garden- Not only will I be able to grow and cook my own fresh produce, I be able to join the farm to table movement, farmers' markets and set up my own sales opportunities!


3. Entertainer/Performance- I sing mostly jazz & Blues and impersonate Moms Mabley. I also write songs. Recently, I've been exploring Voice Acting.

4.  I'm Just Saying Collexion- Print-On Demand/Drop Shipping Company-Using memes, adages, observations and things "my grandmother said", I design t-shirts, totes, hoodies, yoga gear, beach towels, shower curtains, mugs, wall hangings, directors chairs, etc., post them and have a fulfillment company handle the orders, tag them with my logo and ship them to my customers!

5. Hedon's Gate- A primarily high-end affiliate marketing enterprise

This campaign is about supplies, equipment and services needed to set all this up. I am asking for either cash donations, donations of supplies and equipment or a combination of both.

Whatever the giving level, you will receive something from me, by me in return. If you donate $10 you get a voucher for that amount to be used for art or jewelry that I've made. If you donate a kiln, you get a voucher for art or entertainment that is worth whatever the kiln is worth.

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