"The House of Maria" (Peru)

"The House of Maria" (Peru)

From Rubi Musucancha

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"The House of Maria"

Who is Maria?

Maria is the promoter and inspiration of a social project that seeks to provide food and basic medical care to elderly people in a situation of abandonment in the Ahuac District, Junin Department, Peru (You can see where it is located: https://cutt.ly/WwdOKxg).

Maria is my sweet grandmother. She's 84, but she says she's 50. He was born in the Ahuac District, into a peasant family, humble and numerous (they were 9 brothers). Unfortunately was not able to study in the school because he needed to help their parents to work in the field, but that never prevented him from having a happy childhood and full of good memories. She was married when was 18 years with my grandfather Isaac of 39 years, had 4 children and a wonderful marriage of 58 years, until in 2010 my beloved grandfather Isaac died.

Maria & Isaac

Since 2010 her health has deteriorated product of diabetes that suffers and the various fractures that she has had (in the hand, in the clavicle and in the leg), no longer walk as before and needs to move in a wheelchair. Currently, she lives in the city of Lima, along with my family and is located in the care of my mother, but always loves return to Ahuac, where it expects to spend their last years of life.

Maria never stops smiling 

My grandmother has grandchildren that we love and that we are always ayudandola in what you need, but unfortunately not all elderly persons have the same luck, even less so the people who are in the rural areas, as Ahuac, where many elderly living in a situation of abandonment because they do not receive a pension from the State or do not have a family that cares for them.

What is "the house of Maria?

The house of Maria was born as the biggest dream of my grandmother: return to live in Ahuac, in the home you left their parents and pass an old age quiet in the middle of the nature.

Is so was born the idea of rebuilding the house thinking in the dream of my grandmother and convert it into " The House of Maria": the project that seeks to collaborate with the welfare of the elderly people who live in a state of abandonment in the district of Ahuac.

Here are some photos of the house in Ahuac that will host "The House of Maria":

The project " The House of Maria" includes:

1. Reconstruction of the facilities of the house in Ahuac (materials and labor): Approximate cost US$ 33 000.

2. Development of a vegetable garden and farm social: Approximate cost US$ 16 000.

3. Development of a plan of food and medical attention: Approximate cost US$ 12 000.

We need your support

We currently have a background of US$ 22 000 product of years of household saving, but we lack US$ 39 000 to be able to start this project that could benefit hundreds of elderly people in a state of abandonment (according to statistical data 2016 in the district of Ahuac, the population older than 70 years is 493, More info: https://cutt.ly/ZwdI5pr).

We know the value of solidarity of this platform and we are enthusiastic that we can count on your help to start the project in June 2020.

Thank you for your support and your solidarity! We will keep you informed about the progress of the project.

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