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I'm wanting to go on a college trip to Maine to visit Bowdoin College.

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I am wanting to go on a college trip to visit Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME next February. I have many reasons for wanting to attend Bowdoin. The first is that they do not require SAT scores to be submitted. I have many learning disabilities, one of which is extreme ADD. Because of this, I cannot take timed tests.

Because I am a non-traditional student, I did not have the ability to work with my guidance counselor, and receive special accommodations for the SAT. Because of this, I was forced to rush through the test, and scored a 790 total. This is not an accurate example of my intellect. Thankfully, Bowdoin College does not require my SAT scores, and so my SAT scores do not affect my acceptance to the college.

Second, they are a 100% need-based school. I am an independent student. I am also disabled, and unable to work full time. This causes me to have very little income, and my ETA is $0. However, thanks to Bowdoin's generous grants, if accepted, I would be able to attend 100% free.

Third, I currently live in an abusive home. The abuse is in the forms of emotional, verbal, and psychological. I have entered rehab twice for extreme depression as a direct result of the abuse, and it won't stop. One of the primary reasons I want to go to a school so far away is to remove myself from this abuse, and not have to be homeless as I have tried to do in the past.

Lastly, I want to be an inspiration to people all over the world. When I was 15, I had a traumatic brain injury, and for a time was paralyzed from the face down on my right side.  However, with my brain injury came something good. Through research, I have concluded that because of my brain injury and the location of the brain injury, I have developed what is called, Savant Syndrome.

I now have the ability to perform exceedingly well in subjects I once could not do, primarily mathematics. In the past three years, I have been able to come up with two innovative mathematical formulas. The first is a formula associated with the Fibonacci Retracement Method, and the second is the formula for my theory of sonic relativity.

My intended major at Bowdoin is Neuroscience, and my goal is to write essays describing these two formulas, and have my professors submit then to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to be considered for not one, but two Nobel prizes: one in Physics and one in Economic Sciences.

By visiting the college, I can have the chance to meet with the faculty and admissions team to further explain my goals and aspirations, and answer any questions they may have about me as both a student, and a person.

Please consider donating $10 to help me raise enough money to visit Brunswick before the application deadline, and improve my chances of being accepted to a great school like Bowdoin.

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