Kusari - a Techno-thriller Novel

Kusari - a Techno-thriller Novel

From Gary Strong

Publishing/marketing costs of Kusari - a Techno-thriller novel, similar to Clancy (Jack Ryan), Ludlum (Jason Bourne) and Child (Jack Reacher) series of novels. Kusari is complete; 2nd, 1/3 complete; 3rd in development.

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A veteran of the Iraq/Afghan wars, Phillips is now a senior executive and top weapons analyst for a global military think tank.  He is rich; married to a German concert pianist; the in-laws are German billionaire aristocrats; his mother, a Russian actress and former CIA double agent.  His black-ops skills are called on by U.S. President Abrams when a military prototype – destined to change the world’s balance of military power – is stolen by Mossad, only to fall into the hands of Hezbollah.  Kusari is an advanced body armor – capable of stopping a 50-caliber bullet, yet pliant as silk.  One character refers to the technology as “Superman’s tights.”  Phillips is tasked to recover the purloined body-armor, which he does with the help of a multinational quartet of mercenaries, a super-hacker freed from a Turkish prison, a young Afghan spy, and assists from his children’s tutor and an aging English expert on World War II aerial munitions.

 The team is pitted against German uber-gangster and arms merchant Archimedes Weissman.  Once Hezbollah delivers kusari to him, Weissman plans to reverse engineer, manufacture, and sell kusari to the highest anti-American bidders.  The novel begins with an audacious hijack in the Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston and ends with a raid on a 13 castle high in the Italian Alps, and in between, features a disastrous attempt to install car-tracking devices during a ferry crossing from Lebanon to Turkey; an ambush by a Mafia hit team in the Bulgaria Alps; a Mission: Impossible-style theft of kusari from a heavily guarded, World War II command bunker outside Berlin, and a tense stand-off on the Glienicke Bridge, known as the “Bridge of Spies.” Through many plot twists, Morgan Phillips is tested, and proves over and over again that he is unquestionably the right man for the job.


My qualifications as a techno-thriller author originate in my years in Military Intelligence as a technical equipment officer, counterintelligence field commander, and Intelligence Liaison Officer to North-Rhine/Westphalia and NATO.  I’m also a former international bank and securities executive, an avid student of history and international affairs.  While Kusari has been a literary idea of mine for some time, it’s gratifying to witness that current military R&D efforts validate the story as its concepts edge ever closer toward reality.

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