Krystal wants to be a rock star

Krystal wants to be a rock star

From Krystal M Spencer

I am from Argentina, moved to Puerto Rico, lived there for 11 years, then one year in beautiful Jackson

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I have done everything to keep chasing after my dream, left my family, friends, my island, my country to achieve this dream. I have had a Japanese music band since 2010, I write the lyrics and play some instruments (I play the guitar backward without having changed the strings position, xylophone, pianika, cajón, theremin, güiro, recorder, shakers).Since I got very serious about this dream I haven’t stopped working towards it, and I will never stop. However, money is always an issue an, even though I love Los Angeles so so so much, in this city everything is super expensive so sometimes you need to choose between paying rent or maybe taking a class (even if it is one!).I want to study at this amazing school called Musicians Institute. At this school, I will learn how to sing (I have never taken singing lessons) I will learn an instrument (Yes!!!! piano or guitar...with the right string position) and also editing (I love you GarageBand but I need to grow a little bit more). This is a well-known school that will push my skills to the limit, I know this, and the best part is....(and I didn't even know this until the meeting with the admissions officer)...IT IS A JAPANESE school with a branch in LA!!!!! Pa Pa Pa PAAAAAAAWWWWW! So I would definitely be connected with Japan and the networking would be very good for my career.In the past few months, I have been getting together with pianist and friend Jacob who moved from Colorado to keep this band going (apart from other reasons hahaha) and we have created ballads, rock, and recently working on reggae and reggaeton songs in Japanese, Spanish and English! I know right? Crazy! We have been working really hard recording at home traveling by bus for 2 hours (since I don't have a car) to attend rehearsals and to keep on working hard. I am also working with this great producer, Richard, who is also involved with the Japanese music world and he really has become a mentor for me as regards the music industry. He has worked with bands and people like Steve Perry, Neil Young, Barbara Streisand, Santana, Kiss, The Jacksons, and worked at The Beatles' studio!!!!....and he believes in me and my project......there is no such thing as a coincidence in this universe.Since I started working at my new job, which is being a teacher/coach in an amazing after school program I have lost my voice and I can't hit most of the notes I used to hit. I talk and there are words that don't come out and it hurts, it makes me sad, which is another reason why I want to learn how to use my voice properly because when I am touring I will need all these tools (YES, I WILL BE TOURING THE WORLD, I JUST KNOW IT).So, on August 17th (in 6 days) I have to enroll and pay for tuition. It is not even an associate's degree. It's just an "Independent Artist Certificate" what I could do for now...with your help. This one year course is between 600 and 700 hundred a month which is why I am asking for help. I just can't pay for it and I have two jobs. You know I am a very determined person, you know I don't believe in limits.  I went to Japan in 2012 and took my home-recorded CD to the producers of my favorite band ( thanks to my husband who is also next to me and makes my dreams his own). I moved here to get closer to where things happen. In Puerto Rico, I HAD to do my bachelor's degree in Education  TWICE and got awarded seven times. I worked for different schools in Argentina, PR, and Colorado and got awarded as well. I love art. I have been depressed, have been beaten up in different moments of my life (yes, literally and not literally too) but I just get up from the floor and keep going 'cause I have people like my family, friends, teachers, professors, mentors, students, and their families and someone up there who has a purpose for me.It would mean the world to me if you could help me achieve this dream,and when you see me singing my heart out, carrying my music around the world and performing at all these amazing stages you will know (and I will mention it) that you made this possible.

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