Kristen's 34th Birthday

Kristen's 34th Birthday

From Nathan J Gonsalves

So many of us love Kristen for so many reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is how much she loves us back. The biggest challenge for her here in Modesto being so far away from the people she loves.

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When she talks about setting goals for herself in Miami the number one thing she always lists is showing the people in her life that she is thinking of them. So I have an idea that will help to keep her connected with the people she loves this coming year. If you have known Kristen for even a short while you have undoubtedly had the privilege of hearing her play guitar. Kristen loves playing guitar for her friends and family and rarely gets the chance to do that now. Kristen has never actually had her own guitar though. So my plan with this crowdsourced project is to have us all band together and fund a brand new guitar for Kristen's 34th Birthday. In doing so we will also be creating a list of people who love Kristen's music. With a guitar and a list Kristen could play a song for each person to show her love and appreciation. So your contribution to Kristen's 34th Birthday will get you a personal serenade from the beauty herself. Of course she would love to play this for you in person so with this request comes the invite to stay with us in Miami Beach. Really. Please come visit. Don’t feel like you have to come to Florida to contribute however. Kristen will be happy create a video recording of your tribute to share on Youtube.As for the timing of this project, Kristen is slated to play a song in a wedding on July 2nd. My hope is to have this guitar of ultimate love to her by then. I am trying to keep this a surprise, so if you share this link please choose the custom sharing option and put Kristen down as a person to exclude the post from. If you do want to contribute please include messages of love to Kristen.Thank you so much for loving Kristen.

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