Kratom in Louisiana: Difference Between Red Borneo & Green B

Kratom in Louisiana: Difference Between Red Borneo & Green B

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Borneo kratom strains are very powerful. They come in red and green. Both are equally powerful in their respective effects. The strains are known for their amazing relaxation, pain relief, and mood-elevating effects. However, you must be careful while taking these strains because, being powerful, they can be more sedating than other strains. 

Let’s know the difference between the Red Borneo strain and the Green Borneo strain of Kratom in Louisiana

Red Borneo 

Red Borneo kratom strain is characterized by red veins on kratom leaves. The plant is native to Borneo island, where it is often used by people as a recreational stimulant and a natural pain reliever. 

Red Borneo is one of the most popular kratom strains among people who seek relaxation. Its quality of producing long-lasting effects makes it more desirable. Users report that its effect lasts for a whopping 4-6 hours. 

This strain binds to certain receptors in the brain and blocks the pain signals in the body. So, this is a great pain reliever. You can use it for pain in any part of the body. According to experts, use Red Borneo strain such as Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder before bed or maybe in the afternoon because this can give a sedating feeling. 

The recommended dose of Red Borneo strain

For beginners, 2 grams is the best dose to start with. Or you can go up to 3 grams initially. Then, you can increase the dose to 5 grams. For those in much pain can increase up to 6-8 grams to gain relief. 

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Green Borneo 

Green Borneo kratom strain is characterized by green veins on kratom leaves. This strain contains 25 alkaloids, so shows greater efficacy. However, the green strain is less sedative than the red strain. Also, green strain is less energizing than white strain. 

For people on the lookout for a balanced effect – not much energizing and not much sedating – the Green Borneo strain of kratom seems to be the perfect option. 

Green Borneo, too, is an amazing pain reliever. It is great for joint pains, muscle pains, and chronic pains. People who take this strain experience a balanced boost in energy, not a jump in energy as such. 

Experts recommend this strain for students to increase their vitality and concentration. If you have a line of tedious tasks to do, just take this strain and be amazed at how beautifully you complete all the tasks! The strain wonderfully mitigates all the discomfort and minor pains that you experience in day-to-day life. 

Students, homemakers, office goers, artists, writers, fitness freaks, and all those involved in strenuous physical and mental activities can benefit from this strain. Simply search for “kratom shop near me” and get one in your area. 

The recommended dose of Green Borneo strain

The dose of this kratom strain depends on your tolerance and your body size. Beginners should start with 1.5 or a maximum of 2 grams. Later, you can increase up to 3 grams. For pain relief, take a maximum of up to 5.5 grams. 

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