Fight 4 The Kolfage’s

Fight 4 The Kolfage’s


I'm a friend of the Kolfage's and I'm raising money for their family since they are under full assault from one of the most corrupt judicial systems in the world, the Southern District of New York.

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Brian Kolfage is the founder of We Build The Wall, inc which contributed towards 4 miles of privatized border wall to support President Trump's #1 campaign promise to secure our borders. 

The Southern District of New York has filed politically motivated charges against Brian, Steve Bannon and 2 others. 

Legal experts across the USA have labeled the case as 100% politically motivated and shredded the case in the media. With the case targeting Trump's top advisor Stephen K. Bannon on the eve of the RNC, just as he was beginning to advice the campaign again, its crystal clear the motivations behind the case are politically TAINTED!


It's so tainted they outright lied! Brian ordered his boat from the factory in October of 2017, 2 years before the wall campaign. He has photos of it on his Instagram being built in 2018 still one year before! This is just one of the many lies in the media from the indictment. 

Brian has also owned 3 Land Rovers since 2007, the indictment acted like he was living a "lavish" life from "The Wall" when in fact these are all things he has owned long before the wall campaign. Brian is seen with his range rover on Instagram many times, here and here 

And Brian's House? He lives in a home that was donated and built for him by the Gary Sinise Foundation. Yup, more lies to make him look bad. 

Living the Good Life! Somehow it became a crime to be disabled and have nice things in life. In 2018, liberals acknowledged Brian made a significant amount of money, in fact they said he was "rich", but they had to throw his name in the mud too. Brian has owned a couple different companies all which are doing well, and helps political campaigns raise money. Not that its anyone's business but he also receives a fairly large monthly compensation for the loss of his three limbs. Don't forget Brian was named Time Magazine top 25 influential people. He was very successful before the wall campaign.


Brian has given 3 limbs to protect this nation and is being targeted for his hard work of building the border wall! He's a gladiator who is constantly fighting for Freedom and now he needs you! These funds will help his family recover some of the massive financial burdens placed on them, just like we saw with General Flynn. 

Watch the videos at very top to learn about the political hit job brought by the weaponized SDNY prosecution against Brian.


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