Know About The Services Of Privnote

Know About The Services Of Privnote

From Mathew Philip

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PRIVNOTE is a web-based service which prioritizes privacy. Their main work is to protect your data and transmit it securely. Due to this, users can send confidential information freely. This is a unique method of sending encrypted notes over the internet which by default get destroyed once the other person has viewed the notes. nowadays communication is done by WhatsApp, Instagram, email, fax, SMS, and various other social media platforms which have various associated risks because of third party interception. The third-party gets the knowledge of the communicated link and data. They can read and view your messages and can keep a track of whatever you do on such platforms. Also, these are not encrypted because cyber criminals and hackers can easily hack your account and can receive your data.


Thus, it's necessary to use a web-based service which will allow you to share or send messages or information over the internet. PRIVNOTE is very easily accessible and is a very convenient option to send your information. This service is safe as nobody is going to read your messages other than the person you are sharing them with. The other great factor is your communication won't be linked to any third parties and there is no chance of any cybercrime being conducted because privnote is far from the reach of hackers and cybercriminals.


Know about the services of PRIVNOTE:


When the sender starts to write the note the link is generated in the sender's browser instantly and then the sender sends the link to the recipient. Thus, there is no way to recover the note other than the link. If the sender or the recipient loses the link then they cannot open the note. The link is the connection between the note content and the recipient and there is no other way to read the note sent by the sender to the recipient. The note is not in the readable format and thus it is not even possible for PRIVNOTE's administrator to read the notes. Therefore, we can say that PRIVNOTE ensures your complete privacy and keeps your data secure.


Once the data is received by the recipient then the data is completely removed from PRIVNOTE and there is no way to recover it again. The private notes of PRIVNOTE are self-destructive and get destroyed automatically once the recipient receives the information. The link which is sent by the sender no longer responds as the note is permanently erased from the link. When a note is not retrieved by the receiver then PRIVNOTE removes the message after 30 days permanently.


The sender can introduce any kind of personal data or credentials in the note; the data is properly encrypted and one cannot manipulate the notes in any way. Any other person cannot read the note including the PRIVNOTE'S administrator. It is trustworthy and thus PRIVNOTE does not share or sell any information to third party agents or brokers. They would never violate the mentioned privacy policy.


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